John Deere 60t Grain Cart

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Based on the John Deere grain cart coded for FS13 by Outlaw, the John Deere 60T Grain Cart is a ficticious item and has no equivelent in real life.  This is my first attempt at modding so it is not washable and is untested in a MP environment.  I have very little experience with LUA scripts, but, apart from a couple minor missing buttons, the log is clean.


  • 60,000L Capacity
  • PTO Connection to tractor
  • Foldable Auger with light
  • Working Brake Lights, Reverse Lights etc
  • Tire Tracks and wheel particles
  • Low centre of gravity to give a very stable trailer in motion.


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Farming mods

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  1. Jack

    Its an very nice mod.
    Only I have this in my log.

    Load mod: JohnDeere_GrainCart
    Warning: Missing l10n for button JD_GrainCart_60T_down in JohnDeere_GrainCart
    Warning: Missing l10n for button JD_GrainCart_60T_up in JohnDeere_GrainCart
    Warning: Missing l10n for button JD_GrainCart_60T_pipelight in JohnDeere_GrainCart
    Warning: Missing l10n for button JD_GrainCart_60T_transport in JohnDeere_GrainCart

  2. Tom Baldwin

    Can you make this to haul wood chips.

  3. Andrew Spies

    No problem Tom, I will work on that for you. Keep an eye out for the new version in a week or so.

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