John Deere 24 Row planter v2

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John Deere 24 Row planter v2

Hard to do all this and keep it straight sometimes lol. Anyway, V2 adds a little flair to the John Deere 24 row planter to make it more realistic. Added a Starfire dome on the back, a fertilizer tank that moves with the transport wheels, and a hydraulic cooling package to the front. None of the additions have any function in game, they are just for show.
This does have the AI fix updated to it to make the AI helper function a lot better.

xyzspain-Original Kinze 3800 planter model and script
x3mperformance- John Deere Reskin
Troleja- Edit and Conversion to FS 2013
AlbertL- Helping with the intial conversion scripting
MikeLowery and Rocketman- Finding and fixing the AI helper problem

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Farming mods

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  1. Ben

    How do you unfold the planter?

  2. haymaker

    The N button

  3. StarvinMarvin

    How do you plant cotton, it only shows corn and sugar beets.

  4. Hunter Calahan

    How do u lower the planter

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