Inspector V2.3

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Want to know what other players make? Or need your helper supervision? Want to know if your animals are hungry?
The Inspector:

  • Your vehicle (in bold) connected with all appliances and up to two trailers (and its cargo),
  • All of helpers (now have a star * front of it) or moving players (with names) vehicle,
  • All combine or vehicles (even still or blank) the charge,
  • Combines with about 80% charge will be shown in yellow,
  • Warning for the productivity of the animals if less than 100%,
  • Warning for wool pallets if more than 90%,
  • If someone has the rotating beacon at a “!” displayed,
  • There is also a water warning
  • Vehicles with less than 10% fuel have additional info (Schlüter Super Trac 2500 VL fuel @ 9%) when less than 4%, there is a red warning.

News and Improvements:

  • CTRL + W – Toggle between abbreviated and full indication
  • Ctrl + D – switch between White and Black display,
  • CTRL + A – Display off / on.

Mod by edmund

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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