In the Tyrolean mountains

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In the Tyrolean mountains

Welcome to the beautiful Tyrolean country!

I tried to build a map that is very true to life and therefore you can see on the map a lot of forests and mountains. On the map there are two villages, St. Martin and the Kalmtal. St. Martin is located in the outer valley on a small plateau.

It is not very big but there are in St. Martin an agricultural machinery business. There you can buy new machinery, buildings or equipment or animals. In St. Martin there is a smaller ski area. Two hotels in St. Martin for sale. While you can with the buildings still earn nothing but that comes in the V2, but I do not want to reveal too much. If there are wishes for the V2 please sent me only notify and I’ll see if your desires are possible. Continue to build the map. In Kalmtal is your yard. You have a lot of fields, so only grass. But besides the sheep and cow pasture (which are also located in Kalmtal) there are two smaller fields. I think you have enough to do with the fields at eueren yard (Kalmtalerhof), but if that is not the case can you you to buy an extra yard or pasture that you can manage it. Choose from the Steinerhof or Öbersthof in St. Martin. Pastures, there are many that you can manage it. They’re are all empty and you need not buy. Have fun with the map and if there are questions, I am happy to assist you.

Greetings from the beautiful South Tyrolean country.

Idea of ​​Map: South Tyrolean
Builder: South Tyrolean
Some objects and buildings: South Tyrolean
Giants original buildings and objects
And a rießengroßes thank you goes to all the modders whose buildings and objects I have installed. Keep up the LS13 Modder and Srs 12 world.

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Farming mods

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