Idaho USA v1.1

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v1.1 Changelog:

  • Cow feeding triggers now accessible from proper place,
  • Fermenting silo fill plane fixed,
  • Short grass removed from fields,
  • Fixed sheep PDA icon,
  • Field 31 buy trigger fixed (you can now buy this field),
  • Main farm AllInOneSilo, canola added,
  • Silo trigger on main farm adjusted,
  • Pig price adjusted,
  • “Field not owned” message for all fields ‘should’ be addressed,
  • Some collisions fixed,
  • Fixed issue where vehicles would slide around while parked in the sheds,
  • Falling through some roads fixed,
  • Fixed issue where hired workers drive where pointed rather than following the field,
  • Replaced soybean texture with more realistic one by Reaper9111,
  • BGA fill plane fixed and auger put back in its proper spot.

Ranch and Farm Fencing – Sandgropper
MapSiloBand, FermentingSilo, Watermod, WoolPaletteCollector, PigMod – Marhu
AllInOneSilo – TMT Team
Cowshed – NIModding
LMS Buildings – LazyModStudios Modding
American Style Buildings, barns, sellshed, rootcrop barns – JohnDeere1952
SukupBinPack – ThompsonM06
Anhydrous Tanks – IB055
Beleuchtung – Bauer Jens1
Horses – Luculus
MachineShed, PoleBarn, Powerlines and Coop – DocElyoc
Road Construction Kit v3 – Fatian
Guard Rails – Fendt512
RusticBarns – Feterlj
Barn – Merrical Xtras, ekki
Feed Mill – Hermit23
WoodenSigns – Thunderace
Earnvale building – Andrew Standford
Avia Gas Station – Dimanix
Radio Tower – Raptor5
New VehicleShop v1.1 – Joerg_B
McDonalds – Basti_66
FSM Mill and Manure Storage – FSM Team
Raffenarie – BigBlue
Waschlange -Movie-Profi, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG
Barns – Axel of Sweden
Aral Station – Case Fan
Traffic Lights- Babyblue210
Multifarm – Blacky_BPG
LoadingRamp – farmerboy69
Futterlager – Ganelcer
Slaughterhouse – Javier007
Trucks – seba j
Water Station – jimdo, Tankbauer
bigmigmag, workshop equipment – JauchenPaule
Bridge – Fatian
CoverAll Building – Fraser Cow
PavementMarkings – FrankWienberg
Brewery – GE-Mapping

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Farming mods

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  1. Bill

    I downloaded the Idaho USA map. Every time i try to load it, it goes to a loading screen for 5 mins, then freezes. any reason you know of how this happening?

    1. Bobby

      Happens to me too, but I wait for a couple more minutes then it finally loads. Its a large map so it takes time.

  2. NICK

    I downloaded it and I go to pick my map and it is not there. ANY HELP???

    1. Farming mods

      Hey Nick,

      You should check, what is your downloads location at browser settings.

  3. Scott

    Do I really need to unzip this map?

    1. Farming mods


  4. Chuck Finley

    this map will work with my PJ trailer right?

  5. DAVE

    Hi where do i find the eggs pda says i have 57 in red. i go to the chicken coop no eggs to pick up so where are they?
    Also this is a really great map. having trouble with pig barn how do u load the pigs?

    Please Help

  6. nic hurt

    why cant I get this map? NO MATTER WI CAN NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MAP!

    1. Farming mods

      Hey, tell us about your problem by clicking “Report problem” button below pictures. Thanks!

  7. BigK7

    This is a great map and I’ve been playing it for several months. Is there a possibility that it could be re-done for FS2015? Thanks.

    1. Hardtee

      I have tried putting this map in as a zip file and as an unzip file. Whatever i try it still will not show in game just looking for some pointers on how exactly i can get this map to work. Thanks for your time guys.

  8. Bobby

    I agree w/BigK7 2015 version PLEASE!!! I know converting takes a lot of time, but I love this map!

  9. Oncle Paulo

    I tried to harvest potatos and sugarbeets, first with standards Grimme harvester, second with modified multifruits Grimme harvester posted in this website.
    All testing failed because these harvester didn’t operate in potatos and sugarbeet fields.
    What is the reason of this problem? Must I to keep some special mod?

    1. Oncle Paulo

      There is another problem of saving with this map. For every savegame I made, all vehicules are fading out the game when I want to load it. But it doesn’t happened with over maps.

      1. Oncle Paulo

        Problems solved : I removed the game and installed the lastest updates. All problems disappeared.

  10. Ryan

    I like the map ok

  11. Chris

    Can’t get this map to load in the game. I have unzipped it in the mod folder. Any help would be great.

  12. Jason

    I just downloaded this map and the lumber addition. The map would not load in my mods. When I opened the map file in my editor there is no terrain in the scenegraph. I found this for all 3 versions that I downloaded. So, v1, 1.1, and 1.1 lumber have no terrains in their builds.

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