Iberian southland v2.0

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What you find in this map:

  • Sell Woolpalet.
  • Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
  • Production Kalk.
  • Fabric Cement.
  • Sell wood.
  • Buy tree planting.
  • Production Hops.
  • Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
  • Sell Wood.
  • Fabric Beer.
  • Point for limestone and gravel.
  • Point for sand.
  • Factory Cement.
  • Terrain for greenhouses, trees,
  • Flour Cooperative.
  • Factory Bread.

Required mods included:

  • Add your content…AAA_64erFix.zip,
  • AnimationMapTrigger.zip,
  • AAA_UniversalProcesskit,
  • Map Buyable Object Fs15,
  • ZZZ_ChoppedStraw.zip,
  • zzz_CompostSoil.zip,
  • ZZZ_multiFruit.zip.

Version 2.0 improvements:

  • Added more traffic.
  • News waterplanes in river and dam.
  • Same version for normal or soilmod with chopped straw (no use guellemist mod with soilmod).
  • Fix problem shovel target in limestone, tomato and cucumberm.
  • Changed terrain in field for trees.
  • Renovated Mischstation 3.2.0.
  • Renovated BGA.
  • Fix “you don’t own this field” in field 37.
  • Added store for all crops in second farm back Quarry A.
  • You can use this famr for other player (MP), the map now is multifarm,
  • independent silos..
  • Update SchweineMast to v5.0.0.
  • Changed functions Olivasa, you need oliva and water.
  • Included ViehMarkt in Metzgerei for sell young Animal.
  • Fenced supermarket Dia with two entries.
  • Added fabric of flour (Harinsur)(Press Alt + L).
  • Added fabric of bread (Polvillo)(Press Alt + L).
  • Milk automatic sales disabled, you sell the milk (new savegame).
  • Added tutorial initiation.
  • Agroport buy castle.

Vanquish081m, Google, Jakob Tischler, Marhu, Mannie313, jojo800.

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Farming mods

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  1. Farmer580

    bad file it is corrupt

    1. Farming mods

      What is wrong with the file, it is not working.

      Thank you for you comment, we removed broken links, later we will fix it.

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