Horsch SW3500S pronto 6AS maistro 8RC v6.0 (MoreRealistic)

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Here the old well-known Horsch Pronto Pack from LS09/11. Over the years, the machine has suffered somewhat and is therefore offered as “Used”.

This machine, with its two annexes AS and RC is the ideal solution for fast high-quality seed.

Version 6 functions:

  • Helfert rdy,
  • Washable 2.5 hrs,
  • Lighting,
  • No-till,
  • Fuel cap and tank emptying in first-person view possible,
  • Tank emptying possible on Farmsilo,
  • Loading under the storage silos, bucket or ULW possible.

Want possible with function switch through fruits loading on standard Saattrigger and whether to buy or remove it from the stock:

  • From the “Device” sowing machine can lift front attachments and having to cycle through devices without lowering.
  • 2 different extensions AS and RC.
  • Multi Fruit: AS- wheat, barley, canola, alfalfa, clover, grass -RC – corn, beet, sunflower.
  • Field boundaries detection, even for Grass ( does not work on maps with Güllemistmod).

Keyboard layout:

  • Key V: to lower sowing machine AS or RC to couple;
  • Key J: Couple the key J AS or RC;
  • Key K: wheellanes;
  • Key X: transport position;
  • Key M: Switch Fruit on Seedtrigger;
  • Key N: Exchange between buy seed or from Silo;
  • Key B: sowing machine and cultivator on / off;
  • Button comma: marker arms left;
  • Key period: marker arms right;
  • Button slash: marker arms transport position;
  • Key Rshift key + period: marker arms automatic change;
  • Key J: tank open, Egoperspektive the seed hopper;
  • Key J + rshift: tank empty, Egoperspektive;
  • Press and hold button lshift: cultivator is disabled;
  • Key O: You do not have the equipment Duch switch to eg a packer front dig on the tractor, but can raise / lower of the Pronto from the front linkage;
  • Key Empty the tank at the Q button Hofsilo.

Technical Data Pack:

  • Polys RC 81123, AS 50121, 34854 3500SW,
  • Polys RC 81123, AS 50121, 34854 3500SW,
  • Vertices RC 100286, AS 68354, 38268 3500SW,
  • Objects INT 61, AS 32, 3500SW 33,
  • VRam RC 5.7, AS 3.11, 3500SW 5.4.

LS09: Outlaw;
LS11: AlesK;
V3 06/2012: bullgore; hummel; Carsten/Fin; www.modhoster.de.

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Farming mods

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