Horsch Pack Tiger Multiplough, Cultivator, Pronto, Maestro And Titan V1.1

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V1.1 No Errors.
WARNING! when pulling the Tiger and Pronto together you need a tractor with big power, YOU NEED LARGE FIELDS, you need lots of turn space. The NPC’s can make tight field end turns when using the 2 together but even though the plough can also pull the Tiger cultivator it’s not recommended as the turning circle doesn’t work and you need huge power.

OK the Tiger Mutliplough 1.1 now has a rear drawbar and attacher this allows it to pull the included modified Pronto so you can create, plough and sow all in one go. The Pronto has extra capacity and has matched working width to the Tiger plough.
Included is a Twin axle Titan with 60000 capcity, The Pronto and Maestro will plant all standard game fruits each. All have dyeable wheels, full dirt maps, HDR body textures, Multiplayer and Washable YES, all a cheaper to buy in the store.


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