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Most are the Holzhausen Map already know from the Farming Simulator 2013. Now it is also available in Farming Simulator 15. I’ve tried it, to ensure that the map does not lose its look. Players who know the map already, should feel right back at home. A few things have of course changed, or added. There are, after all, also two years passed in Holzhausen;) The map has all the standard features, like the Bjorn Holm Map. Anyone who wants to can go on a search for the gold coins, or do missions. The functionalities of the sawmill and the biomass heating plant was installed in the existing Forstmod building. In the vicinity of a large BGA station area is now developed. The map requires the latest patch. Required mods:AnimationMapTrigger

2 sectors: Agriculture, forestry.


  • Main courtyard with machine shops, grain warehouses, dairy, silos and ball bearing
  • Basin at the court
  • Depot for Forestry Equipment
  • sawmill
  • Large freight station
  • Many outlets for cereals, root crops, eggs, etc.
  • Approximately 115 ha arable and meadow area, 20 ha forest area for forestry
  • 3 forest land for forestry work
  • biogas plant
  • Village with a Edeka and the dealer (opening times of 6-21Uhr)
  • traffic
  • Cows, chickens (sheep do not exist. They can indeed buy, it takes only a nothing. This is because, to increase compatibility with various Zusatzmods)
  • missions
  • gold coins
  • ALL trees are precipitated. No Layer trees.
  • Several small Easter eggs, which are to be discovered


  • AnimationMapTrigger
  • All trees are precipitated
  • Functioning trains
  • missions playable
  • Goldcoins
  • Finer texture angle on the field
  • green manure mod compatible
  • Chopped Straw Mod compatible
  • BGAextension compatible

Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, corn, potatoes, beet ,alfalfa (as green manure plant).

The opening of doors and gates: Normal shutter doors of halls and doors must be opened to foot. From a tug out does not work.
The green rolling doors, such as the merchants and the BGA can also be operated from a vehicle (so to speak, with remote control)
The gate at the dealer has opening times of 6-21 clock. Outside of these times you can not open the gate. Is it by 21 clock still open, it closes automatically.


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