Holmfarming V1.7

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What has been done:
The night had soft mod!
fixed some
Fertilizer Trigger Away

Owned Buildings:
Pig / cattle (update 3.2.7 / wav sound files now again)
SeedMaster2k15 – seed (stained) Bearing with conveyor belt
The seed can also be sold at garden centers!
The SeedMaster2k15 converts the Giants Standard grains in seed order!
Your still needs the (Brantner seed trailer) You will receive only the marhu.net (SeedMaster2k15 modpack)
New transport company
Digital displays on the bearings and the silo a multi-display
Edeka with purchase of milk, potatoes, eggs …
Vehicle Store NEW
Implemented Basin – tailor shop shelf on the farm

Hasco, Marhu, Inerti, martinbigM500, Higgsterboss7

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Erik Karlsen

    Do you have a link to Brantner seed trailer?

    Erik :)

  2. Krzysztof Radomski

    Thank for Holmfarming

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