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Hello LS Com.
It took a long, and LS15 was yesterday. LS is today rewritten.

Version 2.01 SP for all Tractors

Before I start, I want to express 1000 thanks to Mogli. Without him it would have been all impossible. 100derte of hours and 10,000 more gray hairs here depend on your page inside that you have to cut only from the ribs. Thank you.
Thanks also to all other scripters for your wonderful scripts and introduced time. If I forgot someone in the credits please send PN.
We want RESPECT for our work. Therefore applies:
The mod may not be modified and new uploaded!
It is also given permission for release!
Who can not respect, too lazy to be read or a translation program to use, they have to expect consequences. Tor is also from yesterday.
But now let´s start.
The following mods I uploaded and develop their full extent only in combination with the XerionSaddleTrac 3800. So the best you start with the XerionSaddleTrac 3800.

Changes Holares:
V 1.0 is only for the Xerion Saddle Trac
V 2.0 is for all Tractors
V 2.01 is for all Tractors / update deleted forgotten old file.

01. XerionSaddleTrac 3800

02. Feldbinder Güllezubringer

03. Gülle Andockstation

04. KotteGarantProfi VQ 32000

05. Kotte Güllegrubber

06. Garant Gülleaufsatzbehälter XST 15000

07. Kotte Garant Befüller

08. Holaras Silageschild

09. KawecoPremium X73S

10. Lemken Untergrundpacker

11. Lemken Zirkon 10 Kreiselegge

12. Lemken Solitair 10 CL Saataufsatzbehälter

13. Lemken Solitair 600 CL Sähmaschine

14.Lemken Maisdrille

15. Gewichte Spender für XerionSaddleTrac

I would like to address only SP player. The mods are absolute heavyweights. Whoever has no corresponding thereto computer, should let the mods there where they are.
Next I recommend everyone to open a new map, to take all other mods from the game and will be trying times with the devices deal. Since my mods scripts will only grow so certainly a problem arise with other mods. So bring the old mods step by step back and test it.

The following mods should be installed:
DriveControl von upsidedown        https://www.modhoster.com/mods/drivecontrol
GPS von upsidedown                   https://www.modhoster.com/mods/gps
FahrsiloExtension von upsidedown  https://www.modhoster.com/mods/fahrsiloextension–2

Questions and problems are dealt with exclusively in the wip-place, so that the other users can benefit from it.
As always, there are no stupid questions but there is a Knigge (etiquette) for answers. Help you one another with respect.
Load up Photos and Videos. Thank you.
And now have fun exploring and gambling.
Your Bayerbua

Holaras Silageschild
l Vollanimierte Hydraulikschläuche und Kabel
l Entleerung via Anheben des Silageschildes und umgekehrt
l Kippbar
l Ein.- und ausklappbare Seitenschilde
A PDF with a detailed description and photos can be downloaded.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Modell: Bayerbua Textur: Bayerbua Idee / Konzept: Bayeruba Script: Zusammenfassung aller Geräte von Bayerbua

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