Hofgut Baden v4 farming 2015

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Description of farming simulator 2015  Map:

Version 4.0
1. Neuste Schweine- und Rindermast verbaut 2. Viehandel verbaut 3. Sägewerk mit Bretterproduktion verbaut 4. Baumarkt um die Bretterpaletten zu verkaufen verbaut 5. Manuel’s BGA verbaut 6. Ein paar kleinere Fehler ausgebessert.

Hofgut Baden V2
This is the Hofgut Baden in version. 2
Changes in V2
Here the SoilMod was installed. With this it is now possible even more realistic agriculture to operate. Need to generate more income you now edit the fields of intensive means to bring more revenue fertilizing, weeding and soil with the proper procedures.
Who does not want can also play without this extension.
For the extension of this mod is required.
SoilMod http://www.farming-mods.net/mod/soilmod-soil-management-growth-control/
The pig of Marhu been extended. So it is now possible at the Drover to buy the pigs, so they can be trans portiern in the pig. The advantage is that the pigs from the merchants are cheaper than in the store. The downside is you have to bring this yourself with the hanger in the mast.
To invite the young pig and to transport the tires to the slaughterhouse battle, you need this trailer.
Transport for pigs http://www.farming-mods.net/?s=Transport+for+pigs&category_name=farming-simulator-2015-mods
The limestone quarry was in a fertilizer mixing plant turned on hand to buy fertilizer to store in the camp in the yard. From this it can be removed with the spreader dannwieder.
In order to ensure the transport, I have uploaded a trailer with. This also compost from the composting plant can be transported to the garden center.


The downloaded file needs to be unpacked.
It is a slightly hilly Map that has emerged from my imagination. There are on their 20 boxes of different sizes.
Surfaces are to mow grass also available.

When unloading there:
-Heizwerk (For chips and bales)

A sawmill and a garden center are also to be found.
On the Map a composting plant is built where you can invite compost and sprinkle onto the pitch. The compost can be stored also at the court. A sale is not possible as this caused problems.
There are on the Map also a limestone custom, there can buy lime and also stored on the farm and are scattered on the fields as fertilizer.
Seeds can be loaded at the mill, the grain trade and at the court or prepared by the SeedMaster.

What’s all in the yard:

Close to the farm, the cow and sheep pastures are placed (with WaterMOd). The pig is located in the immediate vicinity of the farm.
I have deliberately avoided the cattle and broiler as well as other types of fruit, because I think that one has with the standard fruit, pig, dairy cattle, cultivate the fields and forest to do enough.
An additional mods will need:

– choppedStraw — http://www.farming-mods.net/mod/choppedstraw-v15-0-03/
– AnimationMapTrigger —http://www.farming-mods.net/mod/animation-map-trigger-2/

(This includes a trailer for transporting compost and lime to the camp and a spreader to the compost to spread into the field)

The GülleMistKalkMod was made by me installed directly on the map because the Lua had to be modified for the compost. (A big thanks to Marhu for permission)
The GuelleMistMod.zip should therefore be removed from the modfolder as this can lead to problems.
I thank all the modders whose objects I have built on the map. If I forgot someone in the credits, then please contact me and I wear it after.
And now a lot of fun on the Map

fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_24 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_23 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_22 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_21 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_20 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_19 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_18 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_17 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_16 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_15 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_14 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_13 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_12 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_11 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_10 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_9 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_8 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_7 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_6 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_5 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_4 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_3 fs2015-hofgut-baden-v4-0_2


How to install Farming simulator 2015 mods:

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How to install Farming simulator 2013/2015 mods

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