Hobbs Farm v5.5 map

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Hi and welcome to Hobbs Farm V5.5
There were a few issues in V5 and this update seeks to adress them and enhance the map.
There were problems with slurry and manure that have now been fixed by new Hobbs Farm team members Arie and Wesley who join myself (Hobgoblin) and Keith in making the map.
I have added a new sell point for slurry and manure and many small fixes and tweaks.
Hobbs Farm is based around big kit and industrial sized farming. Works well with courseplay and is a great multiplayer map.
Plenty of space for placeables 14 Large fields 2 farms 1 Arable and 1 livestock. Beef and Pig fatening and a great map for silage and BGA work.

Hi there and welcome to Hobbs Farm V5
This map is designed around big kit roadtrains and industrial sized farming
Large forest, loading pit for logs, several places to make silage and 3 places to sell it, loads of sell points.
The map has an Arable farm and a Livestock Farm. ” grain loading points 2 grain unloading points. plus the option to bucket load your trailers in the grain shed.
14 Medium to very large fields designed with courseplay in mind.


Hi there and welcome to Hobbs Farm V4
Hobbs Farm is designed around Big kit and industrial sized farming.
14 Large fields and 2 farms 1 for arable and 1 for livestock including pig and beef fattening.

For V3 I completely re designed the farm to match the industrial nature of the map.
Fill planes on the unloading grids and 2 loading spouts for your main grain types.
I added a grain shed that allows you to manually load all products if you prefer.
I also added a scrap yard as a place to sell your unwanted vehicles.
Keith price also joined me in making the map.
He started by fixing errors in the log but has got more involved as we move onwards through 3.5 and to V4 as presented here

For 3.5 the accidently broken wool pallet collecter was fixed by Keith and I moved the marker that showed the garden centre as being in the wrong place.
In V4 I have replaced the Beef and pig sell point with an Abbatoir and replaced the wool sell point with a Supermarket.
fixed some flickers and made a few detail changes.

If you wish to continue your old saves you can change the zip name to match that of your current version, the changes have been done in such a way as to allow old games to continue on the new map.
Just park vehicles away from the all the buildings near the shop/scrap yard area.


welcome to Hobbs Farm V3

Hobbs farm is designed around big kit and industrial sized farming fourteen large fields  and two farms, one for arable one for livestock, which includes Calf and Pig fattening

In V3 there is an entirely re designed Farm with 2 loading areas and 2 unloading areas  for the 4 main grain types plus additional storage for potatoes sugarbeet, grass, chaff, straw, forage and feed.

You can also manually load all products in the new grain shed.

The store has been replaced as has the garden centre. There is now a scrap yard where you can sell your unwanted equipment.

The theme was always industrial and I think the farm now matches that.


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Author: Map was originally Flatlands on FS13 edited by Lobezno to be Region of Texas edited by me Hobgoblin to become Hobbs Farm Log errors corrected by Keith Price who also did so much to make the map run better and also added chopped straw with thanks to Mater for showing me the basics of map editing and all others who offered encouragement and ideas. Mark Titherley & Kevin Schmidt for re adding the water mod. Loading screen pictures by Mark Steeves and Neale Green The map was play tested by a great team of guys. Massive thanks to: Mark Steeves, Charlie Kay, Adam Lewis, Jeramy Brun, Ben Phil Lambert, Kenny Z-Kendog McCollough, Matt Hersh, Thomas H Junker, Hette Kloosterman, Todd Gaffney, Patrick VH, Terry Sutton, Kraft Farms, Lee Haymonds, Marc TownTerrierfm Slater Mark Titherley Mike Bell Neale GreenLuke Hughes and everyone else in the Hobbs Farm Facebook Group Apologies if I missed anyone Any remaining Errors are my fault Hobgoblin 5/4/16

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