Hobbs Farm V2.1

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Hi and Welcome to Hobbs Farm
This is an edit of the Region of Texas Map

I really enjoyed region of Texas but I didn\’t like some things like the slope up from the shop which was too steep and foe a farm with big fields it had tight access to the various industries and around the farms

So with that in mind I focussed the map on big kit by moving the industry so they can be delivered to with roadtrains made better use of the space in the farm so you can store large seeders and suchlike.

You can still use standard vehicles if you like the choice is yours.
I have updated the start vehicles and added crops to many of the fields
I recommend switching off withering at the start to give you time to buy the fields.

I made a much larger forest added a wood loading dock and moved fields to slightly increase the Hectares available.
I have added a bit more scenery as the map was a little bare.

I give credit to the original maker anyone who has played Region of Texas will recognise the map but will hopefully find it to be even better now.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy my edit.

Map by Lobezno Edit by Hobgoblin

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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