Hay Wire Ranch V1.3 map

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This is the real version of my map, released on my facebook page on the 7th of April, because I constantly got nagged at for not uploading my map for the longest time everywhere I went, I am making a version publicly avaible, this map is still a work in progress, there was a leaked version that was complete horrid and plublicly released, this map is definately improved since November when that version of the map was sent out for download for someone to put in better shaders on the map.

Now let’s get into the details.
-Chopped Straw-
-Curently does not have map animation door trigger, but it is obviosly a work in progress mod-
-Fertilizer refill points are at, the main farm, the silo system by the store, the CPS office by the anhydrous tanks and inside the building for dry. –
-Seed refill locations are located, tractor supply, the silo system by the store, the main farm.
-Livestock is still a wip, as well as forestry-
-Fields are not yet purchasable because they are not final.-

This map can be privately modifed (obviosly)
Any edit most go through me before upload. (Payne Modding, facebook page at the end of the description)

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Farming mods

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Author: Payne Modding

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