Haselbachtal 4x V2.0

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Haselbachtal 4x V2.0

The Haselbachtal 4x map was inspired by the surroundings of the village Haselbachtal in Lower Lusatia.

Haselbachtal 4x V2.0 2Haselbachtal 4x V2.0 3Haselbachtal 4x V2.0 4Haselbachtal 4x V2.0 5Haselbachtal 4x V2.0 6Haselbachtal 4x V2.0 7Haselbachtal 4x V2.0 8

Version 2 features:
Changes and improvements over version 1:
Adapted PDA , objects and vehicles are now displayed correctly
Inserted – road
Built – WoolPaletteCollector
Built – fattening cattle and butcher
eliminated – minor bugs and adds details

The file must be unzipped once, then you will find a brief description and the map.
The region is hilly, the highest elevation in Lower Lusatia is the Keulenberg with 413m.

You take a large agricultural operation that has emerged from a former LPG.
You can expect large fields and lengthy drives.

I have resorted in building largely on standard objects in order to avoid problems and Logfehler.
The harvest does not rot, because otherwise you would hardly keep up with crops in the size of the map.

I would like to thank all the modders who created the objects and built by me brought for download.
Further thanks to Frank and Michael for multiplayer testing.

Author: Bigfoot

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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