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Firstly a big thank you to theWOODMan for his kind permission to allow me to edit his map, Hard Workin’ 2 and upload it. This is Hard Workin’ 3 PB&S (pigs, beef and storage)
Added to this version is full storage for almost everything you can produce, pigs, beef, manure and slurry sales and the butcher of course.
I’ve tried not to take anything away from the original map, just added some more options.
A total of 12 fields are available, but field 1 ( at farm ) is the only one that’s ready to reap. All other fields will have to be purchased, cleared of trees and stumps, plowed, tilled, then sown ( that’s why this map is called “Hard Workin” ).

Collectable Gold Coins.

AI Pedestrian and Car traffic

Custom models and textures ( and some hidden goodies ).

Demand and custom transport / mowing missions.

Perfect for working with large tractors and equipment.

Good for those who like working at night.

Gentle hills and level areas for placeables and custom arrangement.

All sell points for:
Grain, wheat, corn, rape, logs, eggs, wool, wood chips, potatoes, sugarbeets, pigs, beef, manure, slurry hay, straw and grass.

Added to this version:
Water mod.
Chopped straw.
GMK, GuelleMistMod.
Wool pallet collector,
pigs and beef,
Larger silage pit,
Storage for straw, grass, chaff, silage, manure, fodder(mixed rations), potato, sugar beet and wood chips.
Manure and slurry sales at Garden Center.
Buyer for straw, hay, grass, loose and bales-the old guy lives across the road from your farm.

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Farming mods

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Author: theWOODman Giants Software team Marhu BulletBill83 Sandgroper NI modding If I missed anyone, I thank you too, just let me know.

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