Hanomag F65 transport pack

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1967 Hanomag F65 transport pack:

  • Enser tractor with front shunting.
  • Cattle trailer for pig/cattle.
  • Three side tipper trailer with turntable.
  • Flatbed medium wheelbase with tarpaulin and turntable trailer.
  • Flatbed long wheelbase with tarpaulin and turntable trailer.
  • Ball Transportation.
  • Tractor with Flatbed trailer with tarpaulin.
  • Single-axle dolly for semi-trailers.

Pack includes 7 vehicles and 5 trailers.

Just 6 years of this great van was built by Rheinstahl Hanomag, Hanomag Henschel later. He was the sister model of the more famous Mercedes-Benz T2 (Duesseldorf transporter), today Vario. 3142 cc, 80 hp, payload of 2 to 5 tons!


  • Animated parts,
  • Speedometer needle,
  • Lighting,
  • Tire dust,
  • 2 camera views,
  • Logfehlerfrei.

Author 3D model:
MODALL and Giants (parts of the crown Emsland)

Sven777b, MB, StarT

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. michael

    when i get any mod for this game every time try to buy it it just exits the game plz help me

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