Handyman Tandem V2

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Looking for a small economical truck to haul wool pallets, tree saplings or a few large square bales to feed with. Then the Handy Man ManTGS18440 is what you need. It has the dynamic mount trigger which still allows the sapling pallets to slide around ,the dynamic Mount trigger works very well with square and round bales. This bed has been fitted with 6″ high side and tail boards. When driven in a careful manner the pallets will stay on the bed. The bed size allows 4 square bales per layer to fit within the side and tailboards. I have had 12 bales on this little workhorse. This version 2 has tandem axles to better handle the load you may put on it. With a price of $50000 and upkeep of $5 daily who cannot afford to have this truck in their fleet.

JohnDeere1952, Blaze1984

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  1. Gary Young

    I Love the Truck but the motor sound is terrible. Thanks for the Truck!!

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