Hall Farm

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Hall Farm

Hall Farm is a real life 1.1 scale farm of where i live in Lincolnshire.


  • DEM terrain 1.1 scale map
  • 1 large Yard.
  • 1 shop/Sell point.
  • Extended growth times, Time faster mod is needed.
  • Fields are all ready purchased due to having fully grown crops in them all.
  • 21 Large fields.
  • Main road with traffic.
  • Village.
  • All silage must be baled as in real life.


  • Wheat, Barley and OSR to be dumped in the hut next to the main road, As in real life.
  • Any other crops you may grow to be stored via tip alternative.
  • Manure is at the back of the second smaller part of the yard, Next to the sheep field.
  • Slurry around the back of second smaller part of the yard, In the brick building.
  • Fertiliser, Spray and Seed at the bottom end of the large part of the yard.
  • All sell points are at the farm shop.
  • Cattle and sheep feed is along the front of the livestock shed, along with the straw trigger.
  • Vehicle reset is in the farm yard.
  • Egg collect is in the farm house garden.
  • Wool collect is next to the livestock shed, sell it around the side of the farm shop.
  • Silo’s for loading grain into lorry’s when selling.
  • Use the placeable water triggers

Hall Farm 2

Please Note:
A High spec PC is recommended to run this map.

Map by:

Objects by:
NI Modding
World Builder

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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