Hagenstedt Usa style v5.0

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Hagenstedt USA is a remake of the default map but with building from the titanium addon. What we have is a total makeover of the village it now looks like a american small town. Installed pigs and cattle sheep and cows are in the middle of the map also includes 3 mixstations and storage area.

Please link to http://www.ls-mods.de/fs13TitaniumAddonAssets.php

GIANTS Software GmbH – Titanium Add-on Assets
Creative Commons Attribution – Titanium Add-on Assets
Titanium Add-on Assets by GIANTS Software GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Please link to http://www.ls-mods.de/fs13TitaniumAddonAssets.php
marthu – watermod
marthu – wool pallet collector
marthu – mapsiloband
marthu – mixstation
marthu – Schweinemast V 1.0.3
ls-2013modding – Cattle Fattening
power74 – new silo
blacky BPG – Digitalanzeige Für Silofüllstand V 3.2.0 Für GE
Aerocool1 – Railway Yard Sale

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Farming mods

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  1. Williams

    Hi,I play this map and I think is the best I have played,but you have a problem to correct ,when I try to load cherry(kirsche) the trailer load plum(pflaume), I don’t know why,thanks-please try to write more in english because german is very difficult to understand.

  2. Williams

    Hi again,another problem, when try to sell a fruit tree or a kiosk the game crash.

  3. Williams

    It´s me again,I found another problems : if you buy a cutter or a weigh and ,for the weigh if you do reset to appear to farm after to attach it in the place remain like an invisible wall and you crash in , with the cutter is the same ,if you detach it and put it in to trailer and with a tractor you take it to sale in the place where you detach remain an invisible cutter and you crash in like an invisible wall,by-thanks.

  4. darksting

    great map but one thing ruins it — the little white window in the upper left hand corner is gone – the control hub — its needed for the forage bins to c how much is needed and among other things – ruins the whole dang map — anyone know how to turn it back on — and off again — new equipment is a stand still — we the people dont know every control — what was this moderator thinking — some comment on how to turn this control hub back on — thanks

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