Hagenstedt revised v2.0

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This map is called Hagenstedt revised V2.

All the trees in the map can now be chopped down. The fields 14 15 and 16 are now combined in one big field. Updated port and freight yard these look a lot better also add new short cut road to freight yard.

You may now grow your own seed on the farm instead of buying them. Saw mill is next to farm and the lettuce production works as well. Updated the feed stable it now does not have doors.

The map is a remake of the defult map from 2013 version updated for FS15. The map includes the default animals as well as pigs and cattle which are all in the cow field area.

Building have had a texture change,they are in the form of the old white shade. New buildings feed stable with conveyors on farm,Fermenting silo,firtilizer station for 5 different types.

Production in map is the lettuce in town center, production for compost in the freight yard, production for milk in the dairy.

Map includes mixstation, water for cows and sheep, wool pallet collector. No golf course instead we have a rather large field and small lumber yard. The map as got chopped straw mod and guell kalk mods built in.

Mods you will need to play this are as follow:

  • AnimationMapTrigger,
  • GuelleMistMod,
  • ZZZ_ChoppedStraw,
  • ZZZ_multiFruit.

Marhu, pinguar, farmer andy, rc-devil, upsidedown, funky, chtiseb, power74, andy1978.

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Farming mods

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