Hagenstedt Deluxe

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The Hagenstedt Deluxe is suspect as the name suggests a converted Hagenstedt!

This map provides:

  • 39 boxes + 2 large and a mini lawn mowing .
  • Pastures and small BGA right on the farm.
  • WaterMod (Tend to your animals in addition to water).
  • pork and beef fattening.
  • shortcut to section 8 and to the freight depot.
  • GülleMistKalk Mod.
  • Multi Fruit (sunflower , oats, rye, and industrial hemp).
  • seed, fertilizer and lime needs to be purchased. On the farm there are matching storage silos for stock storage.
  • Fields got curves and are somewhat better adapted to the landscape (This no longer as friendly helpers). Slaughterhouse on the sale of fattening pigs and cattle is open daily from 6:00 bis 22:00 clock.
  • Garages and sheds with gates to open (key o).
  • Weed, Purchasable objects.
  • On Field 6 has a large BGA was built which is obtained when purchasing the field.
  • Mixer stations with rotating and extendable Entladerüssel.
  • Wool Palette collector.
  • stock for straw, grass, silage and chopped added.
  • manure and slurry sale of the Land Commercial.
  • manure, straw and Heuverkauf at the garden center.
  • Fillable diesel barrels.
  • Diesel Prices change every hour.
  • wash and large petrol stations next to the agricultural machinery dealers.
  • Wither is OFF.
  • Some collisions removed to box the Middle trees.

Required Mods:

  1. GülleMistKalk Mod.
  2. MapBuyableObjekts.
  3. Multi sprayer herbicide Mod (required for weed who can not want to play this mod just go away)
  4. Multi fruit Basismod + standard module (Adds Multi fruits in sowing and harvesting machinery as well as in a trailer).
  5. Transportation for pigs and cattle – tipper for manure (only if dung would be sold).
  6. Slurry Transportation (only if manure would be sold).

Not required force, but to recommend this Krampe_Pack because it can load everything except water, manure or animals on the map.

Standardmap – GIANTS
WaterMod v3 – Marhu
WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1 – Marhu
MapSiloBand v2.5.2 – Marhu
Schweinemast v1.0.3 – Marhu
Schlachterei v1 – Funky
Futterlager v1.2 – frisco0177
Waschanlage v1.0 – buchhauer
MischStation v2.3.4b – Marhu
Waage für Maps v1.0 – Alex2009
Schwerlastregal – Ganelcer
Frucht und Gras Texturen – Eribus (Forgotten Plants)
Bodentexturen v 3.5 – ZeFir
Digitalanzeige für Silofüllstände v3.2.0 – Blacky BPG & Blackburner
PDAfix v2.5.2 – Marhu
BGA für Kleinbetriebe v 1.0 – Typho0n
Open Door Trigger v 4.1.7 – Blacky_BPG
AllInOneTrigger – Marhu
GasStation Trigger Extended v 4.1.7 – Blacky_BPG
Garage – Joerg_B
GülleMistMod – TMT
MapBuyableObjects – modPortal
CustomInfoTrigger – FSM Team
Unkraut – Upsidedown

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Farming mods

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