Hagenstedt Deluxe Edition v2

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Hagenstedt Deluxe Edition
Standard Fruits
Barley Maize Potato Sugarbeet Rape Wheat
Grapes Oat Sunflower
Production Mods
Apple Orange Pear Juice Oliva Oil Fuel
IceCream Beer Bread Cider Sugar Flour PopCorn Wine
Options in the Game
PotatoWasher mixing station Kompostier
Conditioning EggsPalletCage WaterMod WoolPalletCollector
ChoppedStraw Bga Cows Chickens Sheep
New Added
New Roads in the Map
Fields Changed a little bit for more confort
Pig and cattle fattening and Points of sell
Sawmill You can not sell the BoardPallet at the Port
Forest and Wood Point Sell Added
Added more objects in the Map
Well, I add somme piQup around the map now you have
A Possibility to look everywhere and Afterthat You sell
the vehicles and buy new machinery to start your career
You are no longer obliged to start the same way. Have Fun

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Farming mods

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Author: TotalFarmer Joa Farmer_Andy Marhu Giants

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