Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.0

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There is now no separation between the normal and the MR version of the card , version 5 contains the features of both versions and is fully compatible with the standard version as well as the MoreRealistic version of LS13 . Only when the vehicle packs distinction is made between MR and standard , but it can also be used both at the same time ( MoreRealistic mod but is then also a prerequisite ) .
Who wants to play support with MoreRealistic course required for the More Realistic Mod !
Some of you are probably now first with the eyes roll because of the download size of the files , but to you, please let one be said: This is the last time that there will be such a large download for the HM13 . All updates will only include the map and thus werden.Das much smaller but at the same time means that there will be the vehicles or vehicle packs ONLY in this starter package. There will be no other extra download for the vehicles / equipment !

The files from the directory ” for_all ” unzip into your mods folder!
Decide for a version that you want to play and copies the files from the appropriate directory , ie ” for_standard ” or ” for_mr ” ( standard LS or More Realistic ) in your mods folder ( Complete, MR and Standard Single Package contain only the respective version folder)
You can also optionally the other version additionally unpack it in your mods folder if you want to use these vehicles even that works (Complete only)

Button configuration for the Hagenstedt Modified 2013
BGA Master 412 Show / put away
in the vehicle and on foot
Left CTRL Tase + B button

Open door / gate / door
in the vehicle and on foot
Tase O

View your balance summary
in the vehicle
Press Numpad *

Switch through Waagen-/Userübersicht
in the vehicle and on foot
Tase east

Off cultivators field edge boundary
only for cultivators
Tase O

Show price and storage overview
in the vehicle and on foot
Tase F9

Show insurance overview
in the vehicle

Repair the vehicle / equipment
on foot
key R

Vehicle repair – repair > vehicles / equipment
in (repair) vehicle
key R

Increase speed step speed
in the vehicle
Press Numpad +

Reduce Fahrtsufen – speed
in the vehicle
Press Numpad –

Wheel on / off
in the vehicle
Key numpad , (comma)

Increase idle speed
in the vehicle
Press Numpad 7

Reduce idle speed
in the vehicle
Numpad key 8

Pull / release the handbrake
in the vehicle

Snorkel automatic loader to / from / through switch
Kuhn SPV
key X

Increase snorkel automatic charging a percentage
Kuhn SPV
7 key

Snorkel automatic charging a percentage decrease
Kuhn SPV
key 6

Loading / start filling
in the vehicle
key R

Crop to the next loaded
in the vehicle
7 key

Previous crop to the loaded
in the vehicle
key 6

Slurry and manure mod by TMT team
MapSiloBand , Chicken Coop, WaterMod , farms and pig , cattle , Joskin Betimax RDS, WoolPaletteCollector , mixing station by Marhu
Skydancer mixing station Map Built by
Mixing station Mapeinbau version by Marhu
New fruits for LS13 by Bummi – Brum
Lighthouse with teleporters by lecra
Krampe BBE900 series , Krone Emsland , Kroeger SRB35 by Ifko [ coordinator ] Harvest storage by Der_Nik
Traffic lights by BigM (model) and BlueBaby210 (Script)
Hall with sliding doors by Richi -3
Old Hofsilo by- Kolbenfresser –
Food storage (function ) by frisco0177
Feed stock (Model ) by Ganelcer
New food storage by Repi
Advertising sign by THP1985
Post Pack by mailman
Agrola gas station, gas station yard , silo unloading , waste bin and vehicle balance by Marc85
Milk charging station by GE mapping
Roller shutter V1 (Model ) by GE mapping
Straw and ball sale by Feldhamster232
Green Bridge by iacappo1977/convert Mach1 – Andy
Bridge at the court by Repi
Hall kit ( BayWa dealer ) by Kund Modding
Sheet Metal Shelter ( Wiata ) by honclik
Sugar refinery by Treckkerbodo
Sign function of a BGA by Manu1993Profi
Of signs signpost by Enercon
Distillery and soil texture by zefir_poland
Slurry pumping system and fence set by martinbigm500
Of signs street signs by ClaasHof
Textures by ls- Ecofarming
Old Barn by mote454
Scrap trailer by Thuruk
Load Silo by wellano920
Dynamic morning mist by burner
Fruit name display by sewi123
Darker Nights by uploader123
PDA extension food storage by MX11
Digital display ( Urmodell easy ) by black burner
ESLimiter & Operating Hours by SFM – Modding
Wheel base structure by model Eicher
Speed ​​display by FSM team
Kennels by Sandgroper
Dogs by Schwacki now DIY
Station clock by EasterEgg
MapBeleuchtung by Mr.Fox
18 meter scale by Repi
MapHoseRefStation by Eifok Team / fruktor
Potato and beet stock by still unknown
Erdfrüchtelager by Repi

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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