Hagensted Modified 2013 v4.2.5 (MoreRelistic)

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This is More Realistic version of modified Hagensted 2013

It is the More Realistic Mod to play this version needs!
First download link is the main one (AiO the installer) version 4.1.0 More Realistic!
The second link is the update from version 3.3.x to version 4.1.0!
The third link is the 7Zip File version 4.1.0 More Realistic (for those who do not like installers or Mac users are)!
Mac users can use to unpack Keka
This card was made by my own tastes and ideas, some people have brought me to the ideas I then transposed so, but basically the card is wanted as I and my daughter have it. If someone does not fit as I ‘ve built the map then this someone does not have to download this map, I do not force anyone to downloading this map and certainly not to play them. But for constructive criticism, I am of course open!
Basically, this version of the Hagenstedt Modified offers the same features and procedures as the normal Hagenstedt Modified, it is only the advanced physics of MoreRealistic to note mods.

It continues to be a vehicle package included, which was adapted in this case to the MoreRealistic mod.

Ceased is the integrated ES Limiter, the handbrake function, the integrated wheel and the speed display and the change of direction for the MoreRealistic mod. The price calculation is based on the HM13 further still on my own system and is not affected by MoreRealistic – Mod, as well as the fuel calculation and their display.

The yield on the fields has been increased slightly compared to the original MoreRealistic mod, as I said, the economic system is still based on my attitude which some indeed is already known from the normal Hagenstedt Modified 2013.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Which game version do I need to map to play?
It is the patch 2.0 for farming simulator 2013 needed!

Rotting fruits on this map?
No, the rotting of the fruits on this map is disabled.

The time can not be set faster than 15 times (60 times at night)!
Then everything is working correctly, as this is intended.

What devices can I edit/use the new fruits?
Every normal Drescher, any normal cutting (no corn head), each Sähmaschine and each trailer/trailer can use the new silo fruits. Onions and carrots can only be used by specially adapted versions of sowing and Erntern and trailers.

For what fruit I need what equipment?
Each Silofrucht, corn aside times can be edited/used with a normal cutting, Drescher, Trailers and Sähmaschine, as fertilizer and seed. Oats, rye, millet, spelled, soybeans and poppy are not a problem for these devices. Only onions and carrots, as well as potatoes and sugar beet, need special equipment (included in VehiclePack).

I can not open the shop or the shop closes immediately when ever I try to open it.
To open the shop must already go to the dealer/go and enter the sales area, go there to buy icon and press the appropriate button (default assignment R button ). This is by design.

If I put my vehicles back they are not in the yard?
That is correct , they are the merchants in the yard or on the deck. This is by design.
A vehicle / equipment is damaged to 100% and can not be removed , what to do?
It is a repair service or towing needs , the following vehicles will automatically receive the repair function or can be used as a tow:

  • Opel Astra ADAC
  • Mercedes Sprinter CDI AGRAVIS technology
  • Scania tow
  • T5 and T5 ADAC ADAC tow
  • Mercedes Benz Vario 614D ADAC

Do I need a special trailer to the water and fuel tanks to be filled at the court?
No, it can be used the original GIANTS trailer, but I recommend for larger quantities the Kaweco pack.

I can not fill the fuel trailer at the gas station!
Trailer which can transport fuel to be filled in appropriate tanks at refueling points. Tanks for filling of trailers are available at the Agrola petrol station in the village and the tank farm at the port.

Description of the config file:
In the configuration file, which is created in the mods folder, individual HUD elements can be deactivated. However, only the ads are disabled, not stopped their calculations. To turn off a display of the value of the entry ( default true) must be set to false. The following HUD displays can disable:

  • Work performance (hectares) display
  • Diesel consumption display
  • Operating hours and Odometer
  • damage display
  • Global warning display
  • Handbrake indicator

Furthermore, there are 2 options to match Relevant things to change:
It was new 3.2.2 Static light sources on the map added with the update which turn on automatically at night. Should someone they do not want or have performance problems with these lamps can these with the LightSourcesOnMap option (default = true) off (false). This setting is the client side.
With the update 3.3.0 Planning for various water Hofteich were involved. You can choose between 3 different water planning, the first the previous Wassrrplane is ( the most expensive for the game engine but the reality on the neighbor), the 2nd is similar to the first only in the simple calculation since only a simple movement takes place and the 3 is a simple scroll Plane with transparency (the easiest way to calculate for the engine). The option in the configuration file is called Waterplane version (default value = 1) and possible input values ​​are 1,2 or 3, is an incorrect entry made ​​is automatically selected the first one.
The whole package I’ve packed in a handy installer, some call it setup file, whatever… This installer is self-explanatory, the course assumes that you also read what is written in the options shown!

Integrated in map:
Giants for everything that comes from Giants and the game itself , of course,
Slurry, manure and lime Mod by TMT team
MapSiloBand , Chicken Coop, WaterMod , farms and pig , Joskin Betimax RDS, WoolPaletteCollector , mixing station by Marhu
Skydancer mixing station Map Built by
New fruits for LS13 by Bummi – Brum
Lighthouse with teleporters by lecra
Krampe BBE900 series , Krone Emsland , Kroeger SRB35 by Ifko [ coordinator ] Harvest storage by Der_Nik
Traffic lights by BigM (model) and BlueBaby210 (Script)
Hall with sliding doors by Richi -3
Old Hofsilo by- Kolbenfresser –
Food storage (function ) by frisco0177
Feed stock (Model ) by Ganelcer
Advertising sign by THP1985
Post Pack by mailman
Agrola gas station, gas station yard , silo unloading , waste bin and vehicle balance by Marc85
Milk charging station by GE mapping
Roller shutter V1 (Model ) by GE mapping
Straw and ball sale by Feldhamster232
Green Bridge by iacappo1977/convert Mach1 – Andy
Hall kit ( BayWa dealer ) by Kund Modding
Sheet Metal Shelter ( Wiata ) by honclik
Sugar refinery by Treckkerbodo
Sign function of a BGA by Manu1993Profi
Of signs signpost by Enercon
Distillery and soil texture by zefir_poland
Slurry pumping system and fence set by martinbigm500
Of signs street signs by ClaasHof
Textures by ls- Ecofarming
Old Barn by mote454
Scrap trailer by Thuruk
Load Silo by wellano920
Dynamic morning mist by burner
Fruit name display by sewi123
Darker Nights by uploader123
PDA extension food storage by MX11
Digital Display by black burner
ESLimiter & Operating Hours by SFM – Modding
Wheel base structure by model Eicher
Speed ​​display by FSM team
Kennels by Sandgroper
Dogs by Schwacki
Station clock and ruin by EasterEgg
MapBeleuchtung by Mr.Fox
18 meter scale by Repi
MapHoseRefStation by Eifok Team / fruktor
Farm Garage V1 by Modding Crew IncDK
Old Farm House by Luculus
Washing place by SLJ – agricultural
English Translation by chromachino
Potato and beet stock by still unknown

Included/Related (foreign) ADDONS:
LS13 Classic Pack by GIANTS (washable)
MapViewer by FoxAlpha
PDAFix by Marhu
Shuttle Control by Templaer
Alternative Tipping by VertexDezign | XENTRO & Facebook
Milk Trailer by Marhu ( download link in the installer)
Slurry and manure mod by TMT team ( download link in the installer)
Bank of Hagenstedt by MX11 ( download link in the installer)
Manual Ignition by VertexDezign | XENTRO & Face ( download link in the installer)
Straw power plant BigM , Bluebaby210 , rafftnix ( download link in the installer)
MapAmpeln by BlueBaby210 ( download link in the installer)

(Idden taken up by others and even implemented) ideas:
Help Trigger = Giants / FSM team
Idle = Mr.X
FuelAdjust = TwistedGA
Helper needs seed / fertilizer = Kyrah
Damage mod = rafftnix
Scale = Eifok Team
Backyard workshop = Ösi

Thank you again to the official tester and LetsPlayer:
book hauer
G.K.1968 & Son
Deep Blue
Ifko [coordinator] LS4y
Euro Multi Gaming Community

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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