Guellepack 2 v1.1

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In this pack included:

  • Docking station V1.0,
  • Field binder slurry feeder V1.1,
  • Kotte GARANT professional VQ 32000 V1.3,
  • Foreword.

Filling of the barrel at the field and tie feeder or on the docking station:
The Befüllarm is now not only an ornament, but is used specifically for filling the barrel. At the entrance to the barrel on the rubber boot at the box tie ( on the left ) or in the docking station, an optimal Einfahrlinie displays (similar to the GPS Mod). In addition, a text ad above the dock HUD displays, which one can see how far in the longitudinal direction you are away from the ideal position for threading the Befüllarmes.

If you have placed the barrel properly you control only the Befüllarm by Telelader assignment (and thus when using joystick , gamepad or mouse, very emotional) in the new flexible rubber sleeve into it. (It is best if you sit in the tractor). At the dock icons you can see whether you have already docked and whether overloading is possible. Similarly, the control via DTMF is possible. The Telelader assignment is usually on the keys n, j, k, m. This you can change but also among the options for the key assignment. The Telelader assignment of the mouse only works when it is occupied in the options for it (usually the default). The Befüllarm is for the functions, out, up, down, left, right;

If one is in the docked state, it may be overcharge on tap from. Due to the timing of the buttons 7 or the 8, one can speed up the overcharging as desired and adjust their own games. Similarly, the loading works on the docking station.

Filling the field binder:
The filling of the box connector works on the right side of the trailer. You take the shuttle (docking station is right then), with the right filler neck (at the pump) directly above the manure puddle. Hud note right. Then closes one of his hose and start filling. Will you now leave the truck continues to run the slurry tanker that, so have to have installed her an extra mod.


Then the barrel is running at current truck engine on, and you can do in the meantime something else.

Alternative options:

  • Overloading the box tie on the sidelines containers without docking station,
  • Slurry sale with the rear piece of the box truss,
  • Docking station at the field edge container place for filling the barrel.

But everyone has to try for themselves, because it is different from device to device and Map of Map.

A description and instructions are also included with each zip again. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of videos to help you. Googling.

Manure pack features:

  • Field Binder Güllezubinger V1.1 ( from patch 2.0)
  • Loading volume
  • Steering axle
  • Right docking port
  • Rear outlet
  • Left docking collar
  • Lift axle
  • Manometer
  • Connection cable and compressed air cable
  • Rear head
  • Sounds
  • Paintwork
  • Tire tracks
  • Washable
  • Tire dust
  • Mooring Blocks chocks
  • Data: AndockstationV1.0 (from patch 2.0)
  • Placement
  • Left outlet
  • Cuff

Liquid manure – Kotte GARANT professional VQ 32000 V1.3 specifications:

  • Four axle chassis
  • MSS (Multi Steering System , crab )
  • 32000 liters of load capacity
  • charge acceleration
  • 30 meter working width
  • Of lowering the spray boom
  • Spray dispenser
  • Washable
  • Application rate indicator :
  • Slurry level
  • VX186 -520 pump
  • PTO switch / DuoShiftumschaltung
  • Charge acceleration
  • PTO
  • Filler
  • Tire tracks
  • Tire dust
  • Sounds
  • Reversing camera
  • Scripts

All scripts are SP and MP compatible and have been tested.

Feldbinder credits:
Modell: Bayerbua
Beleuchtung v3.1.1: Sven777b
CableConnector: upsidedown
DoppelHebel: upsidedown
DrivingParticleSystem: Manuel Leithner
GPsound: upsidedown
HoseConnector: upsidedown
Liftachse: unbekannt
Manometer: upsidedown
Manschette: upsidedown
Mooringblocks: Geri-G
ToogleAnimatedPats: Sven777b (Danke für die Freigabe zum Abändern!)
Washable: Manuel Leithner
WheelDirtSpecialization: Tobias F.

Andockstation credits:
Modell: Bayerbua
AutoLmload: upsidedown
HoseConnect: upsidedown
Manschette: upsidedown

Kotte GARANT Profi VQ 32000 credits:
Modell: Bayerbua
Animation: Bayerbua
Beleuchtung v3.1.1: Sven777b
crabSteerTrailer: upsidedown
DrivingParticleSystem: Manuel Leithner
FillerArm: upsidedown
GPsound: upsidedown
ImplementLinks: Manuel Leithner/PeterJ
MMRearCam: MMAgrarService/upsidedown
sprayerApplicationRate: upsidedown
ToggleAnimatedParts: Sven777b
VX186: upsidedown

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Bayerbua

    This is my mod. And you have a donloadlink direkt with zip.
    The downloadlink must go du

    So, you have delete this mod now.


    1. Farming mods


      Thanks for reporting. Download link replaced with original link.

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