Green Hills map v 1

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Hello, this is my second map. First of all I apologize for only English description, but my German isn’t very good. Ok, so here we go.

This map is not big or small. Its total area is a little over 20ha and has 10 fields, which are a size around 2ha, just the right size I think.

You can plant the original plants (wheat, barley, canola, maize, grass, sugar_beet, potatoes).

Almost every object in this map is original (from Bjornholm and Westbridge Hills). I also included objects, which I found on sites like modhoster.

There are also animals (cows, sheep, chicken). There are also the objects that you can use by the water is halle for the straw or hay bale.

There is a place, where you can sell wood, eggs and wool. There are also 4 selling places (I named them after our local sell places).

Two of them are for grain, potatoes and sugar beet, other are for wood chips and BGA.

There is also a nice forest where you can cut down the trees and then sell the logs or make the wood chips.

I hope that you will enjoy this map as much as I enjoyed making and playing it.

Thank you for downloading and rating my map.

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  1. Mark Caswell

    When trying to download this, I get a warning that claims I may have suspicious activity on my computer. A toll free phone number is given for me to call the technicians so they can “help” me. I can not close this window, even after clicking leave the page. I stopped the download of this mod, because I feel that there may be something wrong with it that could damage my computer.

    1. Farming mods

      This is not possible, you downloading from cloud server, if there opens some advertising window, just close it. There deffinetely no problems download this mod.

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