Grazyland v1.4.2.1 incl DamageMod

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Version incl DamageMod
– Fix for stocks

– Map zip contains only the SoilMod and the slurry manure compost lime version (the screen to the map selection please correct version select you want to play)
– updated feedlots to v5
– Cattle market added (at the Logistik GmbH)
– Manus BGA updated
– UPK “building” revised, equipped with conveyor belts and ParticleSystemen
– Food storage Tierhof rebuilt (the “unload” my blade is possible, as bales)
– Refillable Dieseltanks added ,,, e.g. Dealer (order MietMod) and large BGA
– Added clover and Lucerne
– Added potato washing system
– Added potato damper
– Added swill Master
– Added storage for washed / steamed potatos and pigForage
– MilkMax added
– Modified grass texture
– Added wood chips bearing ParticleSysteme –
– Trigger for wool and wooden pallets fitted (spinning) ,,, (different prices for pallets)
– Trigger for washedPotatos in crates and containers MilkMax installed at Edeka
– Price and Income adjusted
– Installed PlayerSpawner / extended (key “with Input / Output Digital Display equipped
– revised various other things and fixed

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Farming mods

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Author: Marhu , matzesft , FSM-Team , buchhauer , Alex2009 , Blacky_BPG , Ls-2013Modding , KundS Modding , Livestyler , freak36558 , skydancer , GE-Mapping , ZeFir , Eribus , Vertex Dezign , GCG Modding , Manu ya , Fendt512_Farmer , Bluebaby210 , | Mark44 | , 112TEC , Trekkerbodo , SBorg , mariodieck , _PaPa_ , TheAgraama , Typho0n , Romank , manuuuu , webalizer , t0xic0m , Farmer_Andy , Funky , tobiasgo , Mannie313 , Hardstyler , upsidedown , JakobT

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