GRACELAND v1 FS2015 map

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This is Graceland.
Thanks to RobJ4077 for helping create this map.
The map is 4x.
It’s layed out so that you can either play a smaller portion or grow your farm as you desire.
Will make excellant multi player with plenty of extra room and storage spaced out around the map.
This is a mid west style map with plenty of open room for larger equipment.
Depending on your preference, you will either start out with 10 million for easy, 5 million for normal, 2.5 million for hard.
You have 10 player owned fields, two ready for harvest, the rest are in sequence of the next growing cycles.
The outer area is great for multi play and has extra storage for equipment, plenty of fuel, fertilizer and seed stations placed to help you along the way.
The map has 49 fields total. All fields can be purchased at the realtor office.
Outer layer fields are planted with pines that will need to be cut and harvested to prepare for planting.
There are several mods installed in this map to make the game play more enjoyable and give you a little more to do.
The lumber pallets, wool pallets, and greenhouse pallets can be sold north of the port at the spinnery symble.
The compost machine requires windrow or grass to change the product to manure.
The lumber mill requires windrow or chips for fuel. Once started it creates wood chips and pallet lumber.

multifruit (oat, soybean, sorghum, sunflower, rye) All ingame equipment will harvest the added crops
chopped straw
pig,beef,lamb,chicken fattening
cabbage, tomatoe, cauliflower greenhouses
MilkMax (with sale trigger)
digital amount readers
lumber mill to process timber
mixing station to auto mix forage
compost machine to produce manure
fillplanes for multifruit
storage for all windrow types / grass / chaff/ silage / forage / manure
animated map objects for doors gates and crane
water mod
market to purchase fattening animals cheaper
pallet collectors placed at sawmill,greenhouses,milkmax, and wool spawner
conveyors (mapsiloband) at all tip triggers for easy loading.

Required mods to download:
1. AnimationMapTrigger
2. SoilManagement
3. ChoppedStrawMod
Recomended mods:
1. Addfilltypes mod

Recomended equipment:
If you choose to use the milkmax machine, you will need a trailer that hauls milk, and the stop milk sale mod, place the sign on the map
and then place the pickup trigger where you would like to pick up your milk, the delivery trigger where you would like to deliver milk. (note: you can do both, fill the machine and sale the excess milk)
The homogenized milk the milk max creates will sale it self when the colletor is full of barrels.
all of these can be found on / those mods are all placeable and need to be in your mod folder.


Included in this zip file:
2. – place in mod folder
3. ZZZ_multiFruit – place in mod folder – can override existing
4. ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard – keep with map (may be different for other maps)
5. Soilmanagement instructions.
6. MapInfo.txt

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Farming mods

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  1. Mike Weber

    I am really enjoying this map. I have though one problem area I am trouble with. That’s figuring out. Its the green houses. How do they operate.

  2. Kenny66

    Great map!

    Thank you for making a BIG FLAT map. I love these kind.
    Also, a BIG thank you for recognizing that you need adequate room at the edge of the fields to turn equipment around. So many maps have trees, fences, ROADS right near the edge and it’s just silly.

    Thanks. Well done!

  3. martin

    i dont see the multifruit in the pack. only have the link for the map. please help !!

  4. Kenny66

    Multifruit – While I can find harvesters and headers that will work with the non-standard fruits, I can’t find a good trailer that can haul them.

    Martin, the multifruit module is available for download on most of the mod sites. Here is one.

    1. martin

      Kenny 66 the multifruit you link in your comment is not the one you need for graceland and this is why you cant haervest the non standart fruit.

      I open the mod and edit it my self and now everything is working. If you need help i can give you an hand :)

  5. Peace_72

    I cant fill fuel in any trailers, not even universal.

  6. Louis


    Early Stages of game/Map

    Cant buy any seeders…. Every time I buy a default or any other seeder… the game packs up / Freezes….
    without a seeder I cant do nothing. I have been sitting next to field No 1 and cried my eyes out….
    My wife left me and walking in cycles on town squire. The blondy.. maybe you saw her..

    I have all the mods I need..

    Why? and HELP!!!

  7. Louis

    Truly the worst map I have ever played.
    The map is NOT rounded off nicely.. great big fields but with bizarre low harvest.. with of without Soil mod.
    Plaw texture lines in with of field and not in length. Looks terrible.
    Field 19 highest point, Combines and tractors got stuck in the soil jumps up in the air ext.. to pointy.. not rounded off. USE the smooth tool in Editor!!!
    The malty fruit link that you gave is not the one the map uses.. You did not make the map companionable. malty fruit can be sawed but not harvested. “Rye” Huge problem.. after a week of preparation everything setup nicely and you bump your head on this.
    Surrounding Fruit Textures dissapears looks like you have circles around you.
    Fertilizer particles close textures dissapeers and at a distance then it looks like spaghetti.
    The triggers of straw and feeds does not work in all the fating houses. Lamb No4 Pig No6 and some others. Triggers are to big or too small.. or sunken to deep into the ground.. You just copied and pased it and did not even tested it properly.
    Standard water trailers does not work only modded ones.

    The map was done in a hurry.. not rounded off nicely and toooo many mistakes.. looks like it was done by a toddler. You did not do your homework properly.
    The only nice future to this map is the feeding station. Looks nice to the eye but if you start playing.. Headaches!

    In future.. Don’t submit any more maps. Graceland V1 is pathetic!!!


    1. Thanks for your detailed review.

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