GPS V4.1

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After a few weeks of development time the GPS gets a complete overhaul! The steering assistant scored an extensive firmware update. The revised steering controls all steering modes from the classic front axle, rear link above and Knicklenker up to the on-track work in the crab. And not only forward but also backward and even reverse station!

With the new field boundaries automatic working is a breeze on the headland. Once adjusted to the operation allows the auto-stop function a precise work even with complex transfer operations. And even more comfortable clean contact goes in a train with the new automatic reversal.

The Premium upgrade also a new operator terminal is included that provides access to a number of additional functions. This starts with advanced options for price adjustment, replace also the “LS11” mode of the predecessor. The administration of several courses is also possible and the connection with the server farm so the saved settings on all vehicles are available, and also the more in the next season.

The interface comes from the house eribus, which again a big thank you to take this opportunity! :)


First anticipated, for all who have worked with the V2.0: (almost) nothing has changed on the known parts of the control. However, with improved steering response – so you can have your usual boots continue.

Turning On / Off the GPS system goes as usual with Ctrl and KP0. Left control key and the 0 on the numeric keypad (keypad).

The old mini-Hud has disappeared, the keyboard layout to enter the display has remained: Ctrl (left) and KP-point.

Overall, the operation is designed to bombard the screen as little as possible and the keyboard. For this, the HUD is constructed in two stages. In the small lower window all information is presented, which is required while driving. The lower window is located at the site for the PDA. With the flip PDA it is shifted upward.

When pressing Ctrl (left) and KP-point the control panel appears. When the GPS and unfolded panel can be added off by pressing and holding the left Ctrl key, the mouse. With the flip PDA the control panel is locked. The front panel has all the features of the GPS can be displayed.

Alternatively: Key operation
The GPS is in principle fully controllable via keyboard. To the InputBinding and the keyboard are not completely bloat but by default only the most important pre-assigned keys and these are further divided into two levels. For all other functions, the input bindings are present, but not used. Who likes to show individual functions with keys here, otherwise all functions are accessible via mouse control.

* Key Level 1: Driving
This level is accessible by pressing the left Ctrl key.
Ctrl-Left / Ctrl-Right: turn towards the automatic reversal, reversing automatic start manually
Ctrl-Up / Ctrl-Down: Set the switching distance of automatic reversal
Ctrl-W: steering assistance on / off

* Key Level 2: Course Adjustment
This level is accessible by pressing the left Ctrl key * and * the left Shift key.
Ctrl-Shift-Left / Ctrl-Shift-Right: move parallel course
Ctrl-Shift-Up / Ctrl-Shift-Down: Adjust the heading angle
Ctrl-Shift-KP_Plus / Ctrl-Shift-KP_Minus: Setting the working width
Ctrl-Shift-pageUp / Ctrl-Shift-page down: adjust offset
Ctrl-Shift-pageUp + page down simultaneously: Offset zeros

The Control Panel functions are grouped by blocks (from left to right and then from top to bottom):
* Basics
+ Line Set: By switching between three settings: flat lines (as GPS2.0), lines pulled for overgrown fields / tall grass, lines of
+ Import: Copies the settings of the course nearest vehicle
+ GPS guidance: Passive / Active
+ NEW: Course initialize at current position & direction
+ Steering wheel mode (global): For the steering wheel drivers among us – here the (intentional) light automatic steering is disconnected from analog controllers.

* Work Width
+ Increase working width
Lower + working width
Automatically determine + Working Width / Offset

* offset
+ Offset zeros
Increase + offset (right)
+ Offset lower (left)
Invert + offset
+ Rotary plow mode (offset direction depending Invert)

* Course Set
Shift + left parallel course
Shift + right course parallel
+ Turn rate by 90 °
+ Turn left heading angle
+ Turn heading angle to the right

* Save / Load
Load + course from the current slot
Save + course in the current slot
+ Next Slot
Clear + current slot
+ Display of current slot. Occupied slots are shown in bold.
+ Back a slot

* AutoTurn
+ Number of free rows up / down
+ Increase operating distance to the field edge
+ Lower operating distance to the field edge
+ Automatic mode: Switches between doing nothing or only ads / auto stop when reaching the switching distance, ie Cruise control off / automatic reversal
+ Automatic reversal to left turn or turn to the left to start
+ Automatic reversal to right turn or turn to the right start

The GPS automatically creates an xml to the mods folder. This is only for settings that each individual can adjust well in MP, without which there is problems characterized. So essentially visual stories.
The file is automatically created in the mods folder. It is necessary not huge install by hand.

Probably the most interesting setting is the “HUDSize”. Here everyone can adjust the size of the GPS HUD individually. In addition, everyone can adjust its color and line -strichelung as he pleases. Another gimmick is the steering wheel, drivers can set the appropriate mode in the GPS to default.

upsidedown, gotchTom, Eribus

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Farming mods

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