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This Is My Rework Of The Uhaul Trailers And I Have Made Some Repairs As well Like When Pigs And Beef was Loaded There legs Sticking through floor fixed that issue that was the biggest thing and even though only 16 shows up on floor I increased the cap to 32 head I retextured the Livestock trailer to black with a new holland logo on nose and textured the utility trailer to red with case IH on nose I have Not had the chance to use the Utility trailer Yet Other than Just Pulling It Around So I Dont yet know if issues will arrise with it but  I have used the stock trailer for both pigs and Beef it works for both now it would not load pigs when I got it but fixed that Issue Theres a few other small issues that will be addressed before version 2 but they have no current effect on usability check them out and let me know if other issues are found and I already know about the supports not carrying weight of trailer it balances out pretty good so I will address it for V 2

gooseneck-trailers-version-1_9 gooseneck-trailers-version-1_8 gooseneck-trailers-version-1_6 gooseneck-trailers-version-1_5 gooseneck-trailers-version-1_2 gooseneck-trailers-version-1_3 gooseneck-trailers-version-1_4


Hanomag Deutsch Modding -Team
Thunderhawk09- Texture changes

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