GMT – Oldiscleave Farm

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GMT - Oldiscleave Farm

GMT | Oldiscleave Farm

Welcome to Oldiscleave Farm. It is a British based arable farm with a mix of large to medium field sizes.There are a total of 11 fields on this map. It only has one Farm yard but at the yard you can find everything you will need from grain storage to the cattle shed and areas to store all of your machinery.

Oldiscleave Milling can be found to the North of the map, Oldiscleave Milling buys your grain all year round, They also buy straw and hay for export around the country. You can also sell your eggs,wool and even old tractors to them for export. You start of your farming career with all of the necessary Machinery to run a farm.

As in real life all of the fields used in the map are owned by the farm owner you also start off owning all of the fields in the surrounding area, You also start of with all the machinery you need to earn a living and keep the farm going.

You will need–3

This allows you to empty your grain storage sheds.

11 Fields
1 farm
sheep, cows and chickens
seed,fert and spray
Fully working PDA
Real life Terrain
Multi Terrain Detail

Global Mod Team Mark Andy Peter Alan Matthew Hiles Petorious NI Modding sandgroper

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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