Glenlivet Estate MAP

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Glenlivet estate is a small/medium sized map which is not based on any particular area or farm from real life but is loosely based around the area I grew up in in the North East of Scotland.

There is one main yard intersected by a main road, all grass fields are owned from the start, and you have 2 fields already sowed, the rest is for you to purchase. you will start will small/ medium sized equipment but everything should be there to get you on your way to upgrading.

All the animal zones are included along with a milk pickup point so you can deliver your own milk to the Dairy. There is a fully functional BioGas plant with woodchips sales also, and at the far end of the village you’ll find the vehicle dealership. Next to the BioGas you will also find this is where you sell grains,wool,wood,bales and is also the place to buy your trees for planting.

There is a forestry plantation near the main yard and you can sell your timber and woodchips at the main farmers market.

Hope you all enjoy your time farming Glenlivet Estate and please feel free to make any edits to the map you wish, I have no problem with you good folks editing the map and uploading your improvements for others to enjoy providing you include all credit for the work done previously by me and the others that I’ve included in the credits.

glenlivet-estate-map_12.png glenlivet-estate-map_11.png glenlivet-estate-map_10.png glenlivet-estate-map_9.png glenlivet-estate-map_8.png glenlivet-estate-map_7.png glenlivet-estate-map_6.png glenlivet-estate-map_5.png glenlivet-estate-map_4.png glenlivet-estate-map_3.png glenlivet-estate-map_2.png

Authors:As always, if I’ve missed any credits please let me know and I’ll gladly update this.
Map made by polmcg (Jethro365)
Giants for most objects, map and GE
Bushes/Hedges by spider100
Food Storage by 1984Fendt936
Wall Pack by FSmodding
Roadpack by brzeziolpl
MultiAngleTerrain by Petorious
Chopped Straw by Webalizer
Farm Sheds by NI Modding-alwyn, henly20, rh
Chris_7710 for the knowledge I gained from disecting how he makes his maps.
FSModding for all the help and advice he gave me while I watched his live streams.
robbie for putting together the starter map.
This map has had small edits, and uploaded by robbie as I don’t really have a good internet speed, with being in the outskirts of Scotland.
And thanks again for downloading and trying
polmcg (Jethro365)
Please DO not upload this map to any other site without my permission. 

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Farming mods

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