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FLY MOD (Trochilidae) – FUN MOD (Geotrupidae)

Version 2.1
pitch auf maus gelegt

New: Heli Pitch placed on the Mause Buttons
Fix: rotate the Trochilidae hung sometimes
PS: The Trochilidae works only in SP!

The other day the Ponsee croaks and I tried to do what no nonsense from the remnants.
There was then but a Mod-bust. It should be a really SKIDSTEER times, the part has however not suitable. I tried him then to give a different meaning.
It is possible to build cars 200km / h with a reasonable driving behavior. Now I’ve even made the 400 km / h mark.
There are two versions:
Geotrupidae = 550hp – 200 Km / h (good for perhaps as everyday stroller)
Geotrupidae6000 = 6000PS – 400 Km / h (since some modders would have anyway done, I have the same settled himself)
Well, there are clutches on it, but for the reason that are more likely to be tuned precisely in LS. Work can be with the devices rather less.
The exemption should function is untested MP, driving but in MP

can take the free float now. I somewhat explained in the video, the feature also. One could call the helicopter now, seriously but it’s not that. I’ve yet uploaded times to see how it arrives.
Also, because the unit is still beta, I have the reingepackt in Geotrupidae Mod. The part is only tested SP.

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Farming mods

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Author: Modell: Giants Textur: Giants/Eisbearg Script: Eisbearg Idee / Konzept: Eisbearg Tester: Eisbearg Sonstige: Eisbearg

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