Gaz Titanium With Trailer V1.1

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It is a GAZ Titan trailer including mostly homegrown.
Yes, I would like to Zugfrahrzeug say it costs 175,000 credits at the store and is also very economical.
The trailer is a tridem of Kroger and holds 75,000 tons.
Can Anstonsten the trailer every fruit of Standartmap record so from A to B transport.

Current problems which I will still work on are:
Blinker times very sensible gäng do (go not always)
The lift axle times for moving bring (help is gladly taken)


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Farming mods

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  1. Jack

    Nice looking and driving yhe sound love it.
    Warning: No clipdistance set to node 0> (GAZ_Tipper.i3d). Set default clipdistance (300)
    Warning: No clipdistance set to node 1> (GAZ_Tipper.i3d). Set default clipdistance (300)
    Warning: ‘C:/Users/jack/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//GAZ_TITAN/GAZ_Tipper.xml’ has invalid fillType ‘sand’.
    Warning: FillPlaneGeometry shape geometry must be called ‘fillVolumeShape’, not ”
    Warning: vehicle.hydraulicSound is not supported anymore. Use vehicle.cylinderedHydraulicSound instead
    Error: Node ‘cylinder’ has a bad reference frame! (C:/Users/jack/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//GAZ_TITAN/GAZ_Tipper.xml)

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