FTS Fertilizer Bulk Transportation Trailer

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FTS Fertilizer Bulk Transportation Trailer

This is my fourth mod for FS-UK the best Farming Simulator mod site around. Allow me to present to you my 40′ Fertilizer Bulk Transportation Trailer. As far as I know this is the first and as such only mod for transportation of fertilizer and slurry out to the fields, if I am wrong I apologize. Details…. It has a capacity of 50,000 litres. Tare weights is 2.5 Ton. Laden weights is 5.5 Ton. It can haul both fertilizer & slurry, but not at the same time only one substance in the tank at any one time. The lights all work perfectly, real lights, brakelights and flashers. The access lid opens to allow the user to watch the tank being filled, fill planes have been added. Triggers all work perfectly in SP and MP mode. Simply fill the tanker at any of the fertilizer fill points or one of the slurry tanks, then transport it to wherever your machines are, drive the machine to be filled to the rear of the tank and hit the ‘R’ key to fill it, it is as simple as that. FTS International (Fertilizer Transportation Solutions) is a fictitious company made up by me, any resemblance to an existing company is purely coincidental. As always thanks to Milpol for all the support and help. Xentro for the sprayTankerTrigger script. weedfarmer22 for testing in Multiplayer mode. Giants for a great game. FS-UK for a great site.

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