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FRISIAN MARCH V2.8 GREENHOUSES AND WEAVING – for farming simulator 2017


Howdy farmers! There is amazing and beautiful FRISIAN MARCH map. Suggest you to try it now in your FS2017 game!

V2.8 update:
Greenhouses for vegetables;
Vegetable pallets for tomatoes, lettuce, red cabbage and cauliflower (sellable at supermarkets);
Weaving for the further processing of wool to fabric pallets;
Fabric palette (sale on pallet sale);
New sales port at the port for pallets;
Pallet factory has more collection points and works a little faster now;
2 Goldnuggets now easier to access during mapversion without ditches;
Diesel / cooking oil factory works a little slower;
Pallet storage for vegetable varieties;
New texture for rape, wheat and barley;
Distillery works somewhat faster;
Field 7 Starting point adapted for mission;
Tilting trigger at the sawmill;
Collision at the depot now available;
BGA North now accepts silage bales;
Traffic slowed down again;
All Water Fabriktriggers (distillery, brewery, bakery, greenhouses, fruit farm, dairy, pulp factory, sugar factory, weaving) can be filled with the help of CoursePlay.

Map features:

The map is based on the North Frisian march Map of FS15 (Standard).

North German plains map with trenches, windmills, dikes and small forests.

Fields: farmland 20 + 11 grass fields.

Field missions are possible and train to shutdown available.

On the main courtyard, the cows, chickens and pigs are housed.

12 sales opportunities for harvest.

So far there is no further processing, the harvest is always sold directly.

Enjoy your new farm!

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