Franconia map v1.6

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Finally, it is so far and I can present you with great joy the Franconia Map! The map is based on the Westphalia Map of Pare, here again a thank you to him for the release!

Front off the same times, the reference to my blog ( There, I’ve provided a kind of images instructions for you, where I imagine the individual farms and facilities with all their hidden features.

Of course I also specially filmed a video that you will give a good overview of the map.

The waiting for you on the map:

  • 124 fields
  • 28 meadows
  • Maize Row trial
  • Manure , lime and manure texture to the fields
  • Green_windrow for multiMowing
  • Rotting disabled
  • Multi terrain
  • 4 yards (1 normal, 3 based on pig script)
  • — Cattle fattening
  • — pig farm
  • — organic farm
  • — dairy farm
  • 2 biogas plants
  • 1 contractors
  • 2 external halls, one with Fahrsilo
  • 3 -functioning scales
  • Cow and sheep pasture
  • Chicken
  • Wind turbines
  • Power and telephone transmission lines
  • 2 villages
  • — Schmalach
  • — Desert Village
  • Commercial area with BayWa , LIDL , ALDI , dairy and more.
  • Development area Lehrberg
  • Lake
  • Traffic and pedestrians
  • Attachbar At each Gülle-/Gärrestelager hose

14 types of fruit: wheat, barley, canola, gras, corn, rye, oats, sunflower, triticale, Sudan grass, alfalfa, potatoes, turnips and clover.

Important Information:
A few scripts still are required for full functionality of the map. However, the map also works without this.

If you want to have a clean log and want to hear a sound in the vicinity of wind power installations and the Church, you have the two sound files provided in the pack sound folder of Originalmap. For most it will probably be this path: C:\Program Files(x86)\Farming Simulator 2013\data\maps\sounds.

I also have a pushed you for the map adjusted earnings script in the folder will be extracted, you can use it or not as you like. It is not absolutely necessary! Who likes to play with Play Cours, may like to use the courses provided! Simply move the. Xml into the Savegame.

Required mods:

  • MapDoorTrigger:–10
  • Gülle, Mist-und Kalkmod
  • Super Silo Trigger
  • Neueste Course Play Version
  • MultiMowing:
  • Grünhäcksel Mod:
  • Gründünger Mod:


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Farming mods

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