Franconia Map V1.3

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The Franconia Map in LS15. The map is based on the Westphalia Map of Pare, here again a big thanks to him!

The following awaits you on the map:
• 124 fields
• 28 meadows
• 10 forests
• 14 different types of fruit: wheat, barley, canola, grass, corn, rye, oats, sunflower, triticale, Sudan grass, alfalfa, clover, potatoes and turnips
• manure, manure and Kalktextur in the fields
• 4 yards (1 normal, 3 based on pig script)
       Cattle fattening farm
       Pig farm
       Organic farm
       Dairy farm
• 2 biogas plants
• 1 contractors
• 1 timber operation sawmill and wood chips power plant
• 2 external halls, one with Fahrsilo
• 3-functioning scales
• cow and sheep pasture
• Chicken
• 2 villages
• commercial area with BayWa, LIDL, ALDI, dairy, forestry operation and more
• development area Lehrberg
• Watermod
• ChoppedStraw

What has changed since the last version LS 2013?

After converting, I have done some of the map. Much had to be converted or extended.

  • all deciduous trees were replaced by precipitable 3D trees
  • all foliage trees were replaced with 3D trees, so there are many “real” Forests
  • Multi-farm and related scripts had to be removed
  • Complete grass on the map was replanted
  • all doors are new animated
  • New Schweinemod installed, thus pigs and cattle are now purchasable
  • New Wassermod installed, in chickens now also water and feed trigger
  • Added a new variant shop for seedlings
  • installed new water plan
  • Forstmodgebäude on LS15 features upgraded
  • Texture updates on some objects
  • new silos for pig farm
  • replaced many old trigger
  • BGAs on LS15 converted
  • street lighting installed
  • Scales exchanged
  • various building adaptations
  • SuperSiloTrigger by LS15 Trigger replaced
  • Lime and fertilizer transport and storage conditions (MultiSiloTrigger)

Important information:
The two sound files in the included folder “Sounds” can be copied into the folder “Sounds” of Origianalmap. For most this will probably be this path:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Landwirtschafts Simulator 2015 \ data \ maps \ sounds
This sounds we hear in the vicinity of the wind power installations and the hour at the church.
Thus, all built scripts to work properly, the name of the .zip map can not be changed!
So that you can utilize all the features of the map, some additional scripts have recommended

Recommended scripts:

  • AnimationMapTrigger:
  • manure, manure and Kalkmod:
  • ChoppedStraw:–2
  • multiMowing:–3
  • Grünhäckseln Mod:–2
  • green manure Mod:
  • Fahrsilo Extension:–2
  • BGA Extension:–2
  • Course latest version Play


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