Forest mod v2.0 (Beta)

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Finally, it is possible to do forestry work in farming simulator. Plant trees, watch them growing and take the chain saw to cut down your trees.

Pack includes:

  • Link box with Chainsaw and Fuel;
  • Pallet of Seedlings (17);
  • Damcon PL 40 Planter;
  • Weidemann Wood Claw;
  • Fransgard HZ 2300 Claw;
  • KTS Armgrip;
  • Junkkari Patruuna 866;
  • Junkkari Patruuna 9+;
  • Junkkari Patruuna 866/9+ Combi;
  • Krone Emsland Forest Trailer;
  • Schwarzmueller Logtrailer;
  • Ahwi Forestry Cutter;
  • Jenz HEM 561 mobile Chipper;
  • MB WF Trac Tractor;
  • Placeable Tree Posts;
  • Placeable Wood Chip Storage;
  • Placeable Bio Heat Plant;
  • Placeable Saw Mill.

Earn money by taking cut logs to the saw mill or use the chipper and fill the Bio Heat Plant with wood chips.

Rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertexdesign, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax.

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Farming mods

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  1. brandon hersey

    can you make the cranes and grapels to have keyboard controls

    1. matt

      Hi brandon yeah sure you can, need to remap them. start game – options-controls

  2. Alex

    Hi, Is this the mod for the Map Forestmap that i downloaded? Thanks

    1. Farming mods

      Hey Alex,

      Yeah you have to use this mod if you want to play forestmap.

  3. leonardo

    nao to conseguindo instalar esse mod,coloco ele na pasta mods mas quando entro no jogo ele nao aparece

  4. Patrick carr

    I have trouble cutting down trees, it crashes my game and I am wondering why this happens. can you help me?

    1. matias

      i think thats because the map doesn`t support forestry, im not the creator of the mod but same thing happend to me when i try to do forestry at standar hansdet. and ,when i download a forestry map it works perfect

  5. chris

    how do I remap the controls? every time I try it wont let me.

  6. roel

    hoe maak je een palet met boompjes om op wieland te zetten

  7. ChokaPeek

    It doesnt work . Should I unzip him?

  8. Jon

    How can I close the tutorial as i keeps popping up and is anoying as it wont close

  9. erez

    how to open the mouth of the crane?

  10. Michael

    i havea promblem with damcon 40 pl it wont hookup to any of my tractors

  11. brye

    it dosn’t work all all together for my do you know y?

  12. Cody

    I love these tractors!!!!!!!!!

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