Forest mod (Beta)

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Finally, it is possible to do forestry work in Farming Simulator 2013. Plant trees, watch the grass growing and take the chain saw to cut down your trees.

BM Modding,

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Farming mods

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  1. Jared Peterson

    how do you get the claws to work?

    1. JEFF


  2. BlackFox

    This is great work!! My wife and I play FS2013 a lot together, and we came across this mod. It works perfectly for us, and is a great *addition* to our farming routines. Little add-ons like this (or apple/orange mod) really make this game enjoyable as there is always something to do. Now I never have a break, as my wife reminds me to either cut down trees or remove stumps as she is harvesting. :)

    Our compliments to the developers of this, and thank you for all the hard work and time/effort put into this.

  3. Jiron

    The game crashes every time I got to cut a tree with the chainsaw , the trees are ready as they have the red mark.
    Is it to do with any of my other mods ?

  4. davor

    The game crashes every time I got to cut a tree with the chainsaw. Why??????

    1. Dexter

      personnes n’est capable d’expliquer pourquoi la tronçonneuse ne fonctionne pas et que les autres machine ds se mods la fonctionne .
      je me suis renseigné partout ds les site et aucun n’est capable d’expliquer se problème.
      alors c’est celui qui la crée qui devrais se débrouiller pour que les mods fonctionne bien .
      mais bon c pas gagner .

  5. erik

    how do i drop the shield on the wf trac also how do i hook the wf track up to the tree

  6. Gregory

    bonjour vous savait comment ont peut faire pour prendre se mods svp

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