Forest map v2.0

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Here’s Forest Map v2. Was based on the map Nordeifel v0.98 by Mr818vario (thanks for the permission to edit). It does not have any errors in the log. As for the number of buildings and size of the map runs very stably and smoothly. It is both the computer and the power weaker ones.


  • 1 large farm;
  • Village with pedestrian traffic;
  • Traffic;
  • 2 biogas plants;
  • Chickens, sheep, cows;
  • Net shop;
  • Mod lime and manure v2;
  • Mod pigs;
  • Stations with trains running train and ramps;
  • Cultivation loaded aurochs (lime also);
  • 3 buying-crop (2 for trains, one in the village);
  • The place of the forest and on buildings to Forest fashion;
  • New plants and textures;
  • Road signs;
  • Gates and doors opening to the key;
  • Hilly terrain;
  • Orlen petrol station;
  • A large machine shop;
  • Seed shop and dairies;
  • Construction site;
  • Pitch to play football.

Required mods:

  1. (the module manure and lime v2);
  2. (gates open on the key).

Marshmallow, Mr818vario

Thanks to:
Mr818vario: for agreeing to edit;
~ DEVIL ~, kamilek767, Kuba3213: for testing maps;
Qbex, kamilek767, Kuki: for the photos showing the map;
Hedszot: for general help.

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Farming mods

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