Ford 6640 With front loader v1

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What was added here for farming simulator 2015 tractor

1 Front Loader Added
2 added front weights
3 increased mass for better handling with attachments
4 widened rear tires slightly to better fit the size of tractor
5 Replaced front Tires with a better looking set
6 turned up max Rpm to 2600 which made max speed go up to 31 from 27
7 turn up hp/tq slightly to accommodate the mass increase
8 added front loader to the mod so no need for another mod in folder
9 loader shovel textured to match loader

I found this tractor through a freind he had asked if i would put a front loader on it and of course I did now I wanted to share it I have no clue who Built this mod and have no Desire to claim someone elses hard work Im just Posting mod with my edits There is only one warning in mod its a wav file error for the idle wav file its in stereo Instead of mono I dont have a way to convert it and My modification was not the cause it was like that before I started Its only a warning message and has no efffect on playing or no sound issue
Note Front Loader In Tractor folder may have to be used(instead of default Loader) its been edited to be able to drive into hook up with out it riding up in air off front end

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Farming mods

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Author: Un sure but great mod Edits done But Thunderhawk09

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