Following camera v0.2

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The Following Camera script allows the player to constantly follow a vehicle via camera. While activated, the focus will always remain on the targeted, selected vehicle. In addition an automatic zoom function can be activated, which – if the distance is between 10 and 80 metres (33 and 262 feet) – zooms in to the vehicle. Both the rotation and the zoom are performed smoothly.


The options are set via keyboard – and only if the player is on foot (i.e. not in a vehicle).

  • Activation/deactivation: Shift left + C,
  • Select next vehicle: Shift left + K,
  • Select previous: Shift left + J,
  • Activate/deactivate zoom: Shift left + Y/Z (depending on the keyboard layout).

When active, the currently selected vehicle is displayed in the help window.

Known bugs:
When Following Camera is activated and the player is being moved sidewards, there will be a shift effect that, depending on the frame rate, can be low or rather big. This could be prevented, or at least reduced, but for that the rotation speed would have to be lowered, which would result in a very much unwanted and strong delay effect.


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Jakob Tischler

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Farming mods

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