Follow Me V2.0.5

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Have you ever wanted to make a transport convoy, or just be able to; cut grass – dry it – rake it – bale it – pick it up, with multiple tractors all in one go?
With the ‘Follow Me’ mod, a vehicle can be told to follow after another vehicle.

How to use it
Before telling about the controls, here’s a list of known problems that may occur when you use it:
The speed of followers may not always be 100% accurate as it could be, with regards to how fast/slow they should drive when following the “trail”.
Some vehicles may start to zig-zag, in the attempt at following the “trail”, due to trying to touch every “trail crumb”. This is most obvious when reaching a turn at high speeds, and trying to “get back on track”.
Turning on beaconlights, when having set up a circular convoy – i.e. vehicle-A follows vehicle-B follows vehicle-C follows vehicle-A – will make the beaconlights repeatedly turn on and off.

The action-keys, which can be changed in Options – Controls, are defined in two sets:
Myself – For the vehicle the player is driving:
RIGHT CTRL + F = Start/stop following the vehicle that is in front (if possible).
RIGHT CTRL + A/D = Adjust left/right offset when following, in steps of 0.5.
RIGHT CTRL + W/S = Decrease/increase following distance, in steps of 5.
Press-and-hold RIGHT CTRL + W/S to repeat decrease/increase in steps of 1.
Behind – To control the vehicle that is following behind me (if any):
RIGHT SHIFT + F = Stop the follower.
RIGHT SHIFT + A/D = Adjust the follower’s left/right offset, in steps of 0.5.
RIGHT SHIFT + W/S = Decrease/increase the follower’s distance to me, in steps of 5.
Press-and-hold RIGHT SHIFT + W/S to repeat decrease/increase in steps of 1.
Note: Each set of action-keys must use the same modifier-key!

Switching it on/off
Do please note that, when loading a new map or savegame, the vehicles have not yet placed enough “trail crumbs” for other vehicles to follow. So do remember to drive the leading vehicle some distance, before setting up the follower vehicle.
To follow some vehicle, point your own vehicle towards it and press the start action (RIGHT CTRL + F).
If no “trail crumbs” can be found, or the vehicle already is followed by another, a warning will appear and you will have to either move a little bit further towards/back, or change to follow another vehicle.
To stop following, press the same action again (RIGHT CTRL + F).

Distance and offset
The follow distance can be set using RIGHT CTRL + W/S, in increments of approximate 5 meters. Positive values are “keep back” distance (up to +250), and negative values are “in front” (up to -50).
Do please note that vehicles that have no traffic-collision-triggerboxes or not configured correctly, will not be able to detect when/if they collide into the leading vehicle or some other vehicle – so you better set the distance further back.
Left/right offset is set using RIGHT CTRL + A/D, in increments of approximate 0.5 meter.

Equipment/tools handling
If a follower has a turned on round-baler, it will now automatically unload the bale. Please note; primarily only the vanilla Baler script is supported, so some mod balers may not work as intended.

V2.0.5: Upgraded to FS15, Shows active ‘leader’ and/or ‘follower’ on screen, when modifier-key is pressed, Added map-icon for vehicle when in Follow mode. Inspired by CoursePlay.

Decker_MMIV, Xentro, spinah, DrUptown, Gonimy_Vetrom

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Farming mods

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  1. Farmer126

    At least you made it work! Thanks a lot! I was waiting it from the first day!

  2. Rob

    The above comment worries me. In FS13, to enable ‘crumbs’ right ctrl + l was required on leading vehicle. In this version I can’t get the following vehicle to ‘follow’.
    Am I missing something?

    1. Lee66

      Right control + F while looking at the vehicle in front.
      It is all explained in the text file, plus your keyboard commands will display the correct keys after it is added to the mods directory.
      Hope this helps.

  3. kenneth clark

    I did try the mod but it did not work, had only two rivers map in there plus this mod only and got this error
    C:/Users/ken/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//FollowMe/FollowMe.lua:1171: attempt to index field ‘modFM’ (a nil value)
    so it did not work.

    1. kenneth clark

      I did get it to work on other maps though, so would it be best to go to the mapper of two rivers and see if he can fix it?

  4. Lee66

    I absolutely love this mod, had 4 tractors with trailers behind my Dodge service ute. It performed flawlessly with only one random drunk at the rear.
    Watch out for traffic, although they do manage to squeeze in between the cars and still follow you.
    On another occasion I tried speeding back to the farm and waited for the few behind me, they all turned up :)

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