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Welcome back to Folley Hill!
Your rural retreat in the heart of Somerset
Alot has changed since your last visit, Some 50 years on since your grandfather farmed the land (V1) the terrain has changed, he had the valley flattened and has opened up some considerable about of land.
You now have a new farm with the addition of Dairy cows and Silage! (Milk is auto sold at midnight)
Despite the new farm your grandfather decided to keep his old little shed in the centre and his little cottage, which you’re the new proud owner of.
A recent forestry boom has led to new villagers moving in for the Wood rush! It is now your job to keep them fed.
You start off with a few old rickerty vehicles left behind by your grandfather previous to his retirement and a few arable fields to get you started, the bank in the village also offers you a £200,000 loan should you need it.

Please note that the following is not included in the map:
Bale sell point, as bales are to be used for your animals

I hope you are able to prosper on this baron landscape.

PLEASE NOTE: To have starting vehicles you must have this mod installed,


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