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news in v4.4
new front grill(it s possible to see ventilator turned)
new dashboard(watch screen)
new cardan(real cardan 1050)
make brake light rear on cab(3 brake lights)
build attacher front arm
build ventilator motor(animated)
Ventilator is dinamic,start and stop automatic(work when motor on)
Fixed details
this tractor is full animated and specialization,plough,real terrain,reverse direction,back loader,wipper and more……
Hello,news in V4.3
new seat,joystick,consol right and seat passenger(real package fendt 1050 with option leather(evolution)).
add/remove collbox fendt original(IC).
add/remove phone(IC).
anim armerest sit(IC).
anim sit passenger(IC).
you can change color off leather sit(IC).
add/remove fire extinguisher(IC).
more details interior cab
fixed window rear
this tractor is full ,reverse direction,real terrain,plough,suspension and more……i don t write all specification because is so long.
good play and tell me if you have error.Steph33


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Author: Step33

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