Euro agricultural v0.99.8.3F beta

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Welcome to the Euro-agricultural. We wish you much fun with our Map.
Please let errors found or send via PM NOT in the comments. Utilizes Special Requests

The following mods Pending downloaded to function:
AnimationMapTrigger of vertexdezign (
AAA_UniversalProcessKit of mor2000 (–2)
Possibility of transporting compound feed easiest with the Mod Multifruit by upsidedown (–4)
an animal transport for pigs, cattle and chickens (eg or )
Wash “Big Car Wash” (

General Info: For laptops, it occurs due to the “weaker” hardware often means that the map can not charge. (

Changes in v0.99.8.2
Sheep fattening was added
new outlet for straw bales and the circus
Signs / Signpost were installed
BGA installed by manuuuu
Adapted PDA Map
Music in the office (Victory Will Defeat You (Tyranny is Tyranny) / CC BY-SA 4.0)
Added vehicles of Euro-agricultural

Changes in v0.99.7
Function errors in the water pump in the yard fixed.
(will be filled properly even when faster timing advance is activated. Flow rate 900l / h)
Corrections designation point of sale furniture factory
Adjustments for MultiOverlayHUD (eg designation sawmill in HUD …)
Update the existing pole installations to V5.0
Broiler has been added
Cattle Market has been added
Silos on the farm were replaced
(Due to the exchange of these silos should be emptied before Mapupdate.)

Milk Factory “scaled down” in favor of a larger open space on the now has space for placeable mods.
“Purchase icon” of the fields were replaced with wooden signs (Original of fendtfan).

There is no “StopMilkSale” – and “MilkTruckTrigger” mod required. Milk is no longer sold automatically. Trigger for loading the milk and selling are permanently installed.
Traffic lights (it must lie in the modfolder – traffic lights do not work in MP) Thanks to BlueBaby210 for permission for use of the script
“Behind the VIS gas station a place was prepared for the large washer placeable” Big Wash place “. (Http://
Installed Wassermod
(mostly) umfahrbare traffic signs
o sheep pasture in Hofnähe with Woolpalletecollector
o cowshed on the farm
o Available at court with conveyor belts (signs light up at night)
installed o mixing station of Marhu at court
o Digital indicators on bearings / Silos
o fillable Hoftankstelle at court (20.000l)
o water pump (original TMT) with 25.000l Capacity (requires 1.5 days for the filling)
o Various halls, shelters and ball bearings
o 2 silos on the farm
Schweinemasthof with mixed feed storage, water buffer and bale storage
Garden centers with sales outlet for manure and purchase of seed and Fertilizer
Forsthof / Headquarters
o company building (workshop with LiftMaster and great Hall)
o 1x small hall
o (light in the halls at the Forsthof automatically turns on / off)
o fillable Hoftankstelle (100.000l)
o small carport
o chips stock
o tree trunk bearing
Sales outlets
o Metzger & Slaughterhouse => outlets for pigs and cattle
o Edeka market => Retail eggs and wool
o Stud => outlet for straw, straw bales and mixed feed
o straw / CHP => outlet for straw, straw bales and wood chips
o Landhandel => outlet for potatoes, sugar beet, wheat, barley, corn, canola
o Tools (point of sale for liquid manure, dung, wood and wool and pallets purchase of seeds and Fertilizer)
o Furniture Factory (sales office Wood & wool pallets, wood chips), etc.
sunk o funnel the BGA in the soil, so that these can also be filled with a tipper (capacity increase for filling on 100.000l)
o Prepared for “Bunker silos HUD” mod by Jacob T
Slurry storage with digital level indicator
small car wash at the gas station at the BGA
Sawmill Marhu fitted with separate chips storage and timber storage and pallet Collector
Milk Factory under construction (milk delivery still possible) (info for the next update: on the premises of the dairy plant will create a smaller dairy factory and to a large open space, so that you have there place in the future in order to block one or other placeable Mod there)
Opening times for traders, straw / heating plant, slaughterhouse => 07: 00-22: 00

I have some installed on objects on the map that I had lying in my download folder.

I can not list all the modders / authors here therefore unfortunately. I want the work of others not impersonate my. So if someone can find something of themselves on the map and here want to be called with, please just let me know via PM to me.

Thanks so go to all modders whose objects / scripts I could use:
(To use Thank you for sharing the traffic lights Script) Bluebaby210, Mario Diek (Dealer & Country Trading from the DTP Map, as well as some halls), Marhu (Wassermod, pig breeding script, …), HarryBo, mor2000, boertje96, wannabe farmer, chtiseb, Nick98. 1, TracMax, fendtfan, Pandahma, manuuuu, RC-Devil, Farmer_Andy, Maxter and Others

euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_20 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_19 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_16 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_15 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_14 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_12 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_11 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_10 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_9 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_8 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_7 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_6 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_5 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_4 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_3 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_2 euro-agricultural-v0-99-8-3f-beta_1


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Farming mods

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  1. Carlo

    Map doesn’t work. Even if it is the only mod in your modfile. After loading the map I get a message that Giant Engine has stopped working. Too bad, looked promising.

    1. Farming mods

      It is beta version, we will improve it soon with developers.
      Sory for inconvinience.

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