Euro Agricultural V0.98.8.4

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The map offered here is complete still in beta status and not complete.

The following mods are absolutely required: Animation map trigger, UniversalProcessKit.

The map:
Installed Water mod
Umfahrbare traffic signs (mostly)
Sheep grazing in Hofnähe mitWoolpalletecollector
Cowshed on the farm
Bearing on the farm with conveyor belts (signs light up at night)
Mixing station installed at the court of Marhu
Digital displays on bearings / silos
Water pump (original TMT) with 25.000l capacity (requires 1.5 days for the filling)
Various buildings, shelters and ball bearings
2 silos on the farm
Schweinemasthof with compound feed stock, intermediate water storage and ball bearings
Garden center with retail outlet for manure
large hall (hall lighting switched on)
1x small hall
small carport
Woodchip store
Tree trunk stock
Points of sale
Metzger & Slaughterhouse => outlets for pigs and cattle
Edekamarkt => Retail eggs and wool
Stud => Retail for straw, straw bales and mixed feed
Straw / cogeneration plant => Retail for straw bales of straw and wood chips
Country Trade => Retail for potatoes, sugar beets, wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed
u. a.
Installed Abladehilfe the sawmill
Sunk hopper of the BGA in the soil, so that they can be filled with a dump truck (capacity increases to charge to 100.000l)
Prepared for “bunker silos HUD” mod by James T
Opening times for traders, straw / heating plant, slaughterhouse => 07: 00-22: 00


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Farming mods

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